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The Rolling Stones 1975-06-01 State University Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, LA

(Silkcut1978 source)

Silkcut1978 nice tape -> DIME torrent -> me -> CDRs [using nero7] -> WAV (EAC v0.99 prebeta 5 - secure, Offset "actual") -> FLAC (flacfrontend, level 6) -> You

State University Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
June 1st 1975 [1st show]

Good - Very Good Audience

There's a LOT of energy here - I absolutely love this show. Much better than the 2nd show that day, allthough that one is quite good as well
Rolling Stones seems both fueled with energy AND nervous - which makes a good combination.....Baton Rouge 1975 1st show is one of a kind....!

It's worth mentioning that this is Ronnie Wood's FIRST concert with the Rolling Stones. And he does a great well as all other members of the band
The setlist features some rarities; Rocks Off, Luxury and Dance Little Sister
Why didn't they continue having Dance Little Sister and Luxury in the setlist for the 1975 Tour Of The Americas ? Those 2 songs are the highlights in this Baton Rouge show (IMO), as well as all other 1975 shows in which they performed these 2 tracks

I downloaded this recording in 2006 - from DIME. At the time, I had a tiny hard-drive, and therefor didn't store the torrents, but burned them to CDR. This torrent here is a rip from such CDRs.
This recording was shared by mr Silkcut1978, taken from his tapes. Many thanks to him
I never put up CDR-copies of previous torrents on tracker. It's better to have the whole torrent intact - and then reseeding it
But I'm doing an exception in this case, as I was STUNNED by the difference between the DAC release (which I recieved on silver yesterday) and this Silkcut1978 share

The best "bootleg" of this historical show is DAC's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".
This torrent here features the exact same recording, but in way better soundquality. I don't know if DAC just completely butchered the Silkcut1978 torrent by "EQ-work", or if they put out a higher generation tape of this recording.
Anyway - THIS torrent is a grand upgrade (IMO) over all bootlegs. Especially over the VGP release "First Night Stand" (which is a completely different recording of the same show)

The bonus track is taken from a "well known" TV report of Baton Rouge 1975. Great quality - but incomplete.

Selfmade artwork included. I made them years ago for my own enjoyment, but I'm including them in this torrent.....hope they are decent enough.

All the thankses goes to Silkcut1978. He is the one who kindly shared his tapes - from trades, way back then.
Also thanks to the person who recorded this concert of course.



01. Honky Tonk Women
02. All Down The Line
03. If You Can't Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud
04. You Gotta Move
05. Rocks Off
06. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
07. Star Star
08. Gimme Shelter
09. You Can't Always Get What You Want
10. Band Introductions
11. Happy
12. Tumbling Dice


01. Luxury
02. Fingerprint File
03. Angie
04. That's Life (Billy Preston)
05. Outa Space (Billy Preston)
06. Dance Little Sister
07. Brown Sugar
08. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
09. Jumpin' Jack Flash
10. Rip This Joint
11. Street Fighting Man
12. Midnight Rambler

*13. All Down The Line [taken from TV broadcast = video ] *

Enjoy.....Erik Snow, August 2010


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