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Yes 2003-09-15 International Forum, Tokyo, Japan

Yes - Special Requests Night - Live At The International Forum, Tokyo, Japan, September 15, 2003 2cd DIME
(Highland HL634/635 release)

Sample posted as reply!

Date : Monday, September 15, 2003
City : Tokyo, Japan
Venue : International Forum Hall - A
Capacity : 4,900

Lineup :
Jon Anderson     (Vocals)
Steve Howe     (Guitars)
Chris Squire     (Bass)
Rick Wakeman     (Keyboards)
Alan White     (Drums)

Setlist :
Disc 1:
01. Opening (Firebird Suite)
02. Siberian Khatru
03. Magnification
04. Don't Kill The Whale
05. In The Presence Of
06. We Have Heaven
07. South Side Of The Sky
08. And You And I
09. To Be Over
10. Clap

Disc 2:
01. Second Half Opening
02. Tulip
03. Show Me
04. Wakeman Solo
05. Heart Of The Sunrise
06. Long Distance Runaround
07. Whitefish
08. On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
09. Awaken
10. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
11. Roundabout
'I've Seen All Good People' was dropped from the setlist.

Got this in a trade from AHolle, thanks Albert!

CD-R>EAC WAVE>TLH FLAC>the real fans!
eac logs, st5, ffp, md5, md5wave included
cover included

Greetings to RevealingYes, Markie, AHolle and those that i have forgotten (don`t feel left out)!


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