Friday, June 2, 2017

David Lee Roth 1988-08-10 Civic Centre Ottawa, ON

David Lee Roth
Ottawa, ON
Civic Centre

Master Tape
Tapes: Maxell XLII 90

Taped this one myself and it sounds great!!  We had great seats.  15 rows up, 1 section back on Dave’s left.  This was a very visual show, but it is almost equally as enjoyable on audio … and this copy sounds great.

This circulation on this is extremely low, if at all.  I don’t remember trading it at all back in the day, but I know I gave out 2 copies to my friends who were at the show with me.

Anyhow – a fun, albeit a bit short, great sounding show…


1.    The Bottom Line
2.    Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love
3.    Just Like Paradise
4.    Knucklebones
5.    Easy Street
6.    Hot For Teacher
7.    Hot Dog & A Shake
8.    Solo - Steve
9.    Skyscraper
10.    Just A Gigolo
11.    Goin’ Crazy
12.    Solo – Greg
13.    Yankee Rose
14.    Oh Canada
15.    Panama
16.    California Girls
17.    You Really Got Me
18.    Jump


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