Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Neil Young 1987-05-25 Palais des Sports, Toulouse, France

Neil Young and Crazy Horse Toulouse 87 SM master

Toulouse -France- Palais des sports 1987 05 25
AUD recording by SM from master casSette
Made from center balcony using TCD5 M and Beyer Dynamic mics.

Tape played by TCD5 M>ZOOM H4>PC>Audacity for tracks edition only>flac.

This tape is getting old now; anyway, this show features the very first
perfomances of name of love and american dream.

The first song had to be repaired because only one channel was recorded during a
portion of the tune; cuts also exists on this one; sorry...

Sure it's the first upload of this master.

Thanks to all the uploaders of shows from this year european tours; so nice,
just like heaven...

cd 1
1 Mr soul
2 Cinnamon girl
3 When you dance, i can really love
4 Down by the river
5 Name of love
6 Heart of gold
7 See the sky about to rain
8 After the golrush
9 American dream
10 Too lonely
11 Opera star
12 Cortez the killer

cd 2
1 Chat - sugar mountain
2 Comes a time
3 Mideast vacation
4 Long walk home
5 Powderfinger
6 Like a hurricane
7 Crowd
8 Hey hey, my my


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