Monday, March 5, 2018

Oasis 2000-03-05 Yokohama Arena Tokyo

Oasis 2000-03-05 Yokohama Arena Tokyo (Silver Disc Standing In Japan)(FM)(Flac)

01.Fuckin' In The Bushes
02.Go Let It Out
03.Who Feels Love ?
07.Sunday Morning Call
08.Where Did It All Go Wrong ?
09.Gas Panic !
10.Roll With It
11.Stand By Me
13.Cigarettes & Alcohol
14.Don't Look Back In Anger
15.Live Forever
16.Rock N Roll Star

Ok a little bit of history regarding this. This recording started off life as
a double Silver CD entitled "Standing In Japan".

It is either an FM broadcast or a Soundboard the sound quality is fantastic A+ all the way. It was recorded
at Yokohama Arena Kanagawa on 5th of March 2000.

I bought this recording for my sons from a record fair in Manchester
who at the time were both into Oasis and both of whom I used to take to their
gigs as they weren't old enough to go on their own. I later took my sons to both the Reebox shows at Bolton
and also the show at Murrayfield in Edinburgh.

Consequently I copied this "double Cd" onto my hard drive as wav files using cdex and converted it to
flac files using Flac frontend.

I then converged both Disc 1 and Disc 2 for for own listening pleasure years ago.

Unfortunately since then the original set of silver discs have gone missing
or sold so this is all we have left of that recording and I share it as such.

This fills another gap and is really an enjoyable listen.



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