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The Doors 1972-07-21 Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL(2 sources)

AUD Source

The Doors

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Aragon Ballroom,
Chicago, IL, USA
July 21st, 1972

01 Intro
02 In The Eye of the Sun
03 I'm Horney, I'm Stoned
04 Love Me Two Times
05 The Mosquito
06 Ships w/Sails

Time: 35:45

01 Intro.flac:eae26d7fe361e6818594b33f470d5246
02 In The Eye of the Sun.flac:06a713d9afa427bfa0a11b4bb0ce211e
03 I'm Horney, I'm Stoned.flac:aa0624c0dcd9f0d2dec8293d8a328e6c
04 Love Me Two Times.flac:69d10ce3bca1d5e36b8538f9cd03bacf
05 The Mosquito.flac:07dbd30f2c69471815255eb9a082f02e
06 Ships w-Sails.flac:eb6f0e8bd81d91a4a691514a8d48e24e

FM Source

The Doors
Aragon Ballroom,
Chicago, IL
July 21, 1972
Broadcast on WGLD-FM, Oak Park, IL

1: In The Eye Of The Sun 6:36
2: I'm Horny, I'm Stoned 6:20
3: Verdilac 7:19
4: Band Intros 1:16
5: Love Me Two Times 6:01
6: The Mosquito 7:14
7: Ships With Sails 9:16
8: Good Rockin' 5:51
9: Light My Fire 12:52

Ray Manzarek: Keyboards, Vocals
Robby Krieger: Guitar, Vocals
John Densmore: Drums
Jack Conrad: Bass
Bobby Ray: Percussion

   This performance finds The Doors (1 year and 18 days after the death of Jim Morrison)
in Manzarek's home town of Chicago. Obviously, drastic changes have redirected their
focus and, much to my dismay, they dropped most of the songs from previous setlists,
playing songs mostly from Other Voices & the soon to be released Full Circle. Don't get
me wrong, I love those LPs but I wish they had decided to perform songs from L.A. Woman
as well. I think Ray could have sung The Changeling or Cars Hiss By My Window just fine.
Barring that, The Doors are in fine form here and, in my opinion, turned in some of the best
versions of Love Me Two Times after Jim died. This, by the way, was the beginning of the final tour
by The Doors who would ultimately disband around March 1973.
   Hopefully, those of you looking for some post-Morrison shows will enjoy this one. I know I do.

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As with my Manzarek shows, I've done nothing to this recording except to upload it to my
hard drive and create Flac files. Considering the age of this recording, I would give it an A to A+
rating but that, however, is always subjective.

Please do not MP3 or sell. Please DO share and enjoy!


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