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Van Halen 1988-06-11 JFK Stadium Philadelphia, PA

Van Halen
June 11, 1988
JFK Stadium
Philadelphia, PA

Taper:     Dexter from Brady Tech
Location:  Middle of the field
Source:    Sony Walkman and Sony bowtie mics > Maxell XLIIS cassette >
           Tascam 112mkII > Motu 24 I/O > Sonar 8.5 > FLAC
Mastering: I pretty much kept this raw. I adjusted levels and did some
           fades as necessary but didn't EQ or compress.

01 A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)                              4:55
02 Summer Nights                                         6:16
03 There's Only One Way To Rock                          4:34
04 Panama                                                5:11
05 Michael Anthony Bass Solo                             4:36
06 Runnin' With The Devil                                2:47
07 Why Can't This Be Love                                4:16
08 (Start Clipped) Mine All Mine                         4:11
09 Alex Van Halen Drum Solo                              4:57
10 Rap About MTV Contest                                 1:54
11 You Really Got Me                                     3:28
12 Sucker In A 3 Piece                                   7:05
13 When It's Love                                        5:53
14 Eagles Fly                                            4:57
15 I Can't Drive 55                                      6:49
16 Best Of Both Worlds                                   4:15
17 Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solo                           10:05
18 Black And Blue                                        4:34
19 Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love                              4:38
20 Encore - Superstition - Rock 'N Roll                  9:48

It was a nice but windy day for the show and the my first attempt at taping
an outside event. We were there to party and did a good job. In the backpack
went 2 bottles of everclear, the equipment, a pineapple, some apples and
oranges then Juice on top. The guard reached down to the pineapple then quit.
LOL. With Van Halen the crowd is a bit prepared for off key singing
and some off color language as well. All in all it's not distorted
and is listenable and mostly complete. Mine All Mine lost a bit of the start but
the rest is all there...

Do what you want with this just give me credit for taping.



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