Friday, August 4, 2017

INXS 1985-11-15 Paladium Hollywood, CA

Artist :- INXS
Venue :- Hollywood Paladeum, CA, USA
Date :- 15th November 1985
Source :- Radio Broadcast

There's been some fantastic uploads lately from the wonderful mid-eighties period of INXS, so I'd like to contribute this show. This is taken from a silver cd 'bootleg' entitled 'Good & Bad'. Sound quality is excellent, taken from a radio broadcast. I'm guessing the cd was made from a vinyl source, maybe someone could verify if this is the case.  A nice show, great versions of 'Love Is (What I Say) and 'The Swing', which aren't the easiest tracks to find in live form. I have no idea if this is the full show, but 18 tracks seems like quite a complete set. I do have the cover for this silver cd, but I don't have a scanner, thus I can't supply the cover, so apologies for that.

Silver CD>Wav>Flac>You

 1. Johnson's Aeroplane
 2. The One Thing
 3. Love Is (What I Say)
 4. Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
 5. I Send A Message
 6. Shine Like It Does
 7. Good & Bad Times
 8. Dancing On The Jetty
 9. This Time
10. Listen Like Thieves
11. Burn For You
12. What You Need
13. Original Sin
14. One X One
15. Don't Change
16. Same Direction
17. Black & White
18. The Swing


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