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Dire Straits 1982-12-16 Conference Center, Brighton, UK

Dire Straits - 1982-12-16 Brighton,UK  -"SOLD OUT IN BRIGHTON 1982"- complete concert! including the very rare soundcheck/rehearsels from that day! (W/samples)
Dire Straits
Conference Center, Brighton, UK
16th December 1982

Source: Audience
Format: 2CD-R


CD 1:

1. Once upon a time in the west
2. Industrial disease
3. Expresso love
4. It never rains
5. Romeo and Juliet
6. Love over gold
7. Private investigations
8. Sultans of swing
9. Twisting by the pool
10. Two young lovers

CD 2:

1. Portobello belle
2. Tunnel of love
3. Telegraph road
4. Solid rock
5. Going home (Local Hero)


6.  Twisting by the pool
7.  Once upon a time in the west (middle solo)
8.  Sound test
9.  Tunnel of love (final solo)
10. Sound test
11. Romeo and Juliet (instrumental)
12. Sound test

Love over gold tour band line-up:

Mark Knopfler : guitars and vocals
John Illsley : bass and backing vocals
Terry Williams : drums
Hal Lindes : guitars
Alan Clark : keyboards

thx to the original taper/uploader, THANKS Enlight
Comments Jean-Sébastien Brasme:

Audience recording, (average) remastered sound.

This recording is very rare because it contains the rehearsels and the soundchecks performed before the concert

it includes parts of Twisting By The Pool, Once Upon A Time In The West, Tunnel of Love, Romeo and Juliet (instrumental) and pieces of guitar, piano, vocals and drums soundchecks.

The concert is also fantastic, with a really powerful version of Sultans Of Swing!

A must have for the true fans

comments J.V.Tol:

The complete concert including the soundcheck of that day.

it's a very rare soundcheck!

Great to hear and it's also the only soundcheck recording I have from that tour, very rare.
Very rare to have this from the early days!

Sound is OK, but has got some slight tape hiss, especially on the soundcheck part.

Comment: Knopfler live: 

Great version of It Never Rains.

Twisting By The Pool has additional drum part at the beginning,

During the intro to Two Young Lovers, Alan Clark made some chords of Mendelson tune. Great thing.


Complete show 

Tracks from the soundcheck with instrumental parts from "Tunnel of Love" and "Romeo and Juliet" among them.

A nice to have concert but the quality is not that good ,the sound-volume is low and very irregular.

If you can life with that , this early "love over gold tour" gig has a lot of high lights.
included one of the earliest soundchecks/ concert-rehearsels recorded from Dire Straits.

well check the samples and ..grab it or let it pass.

2 cover-art versions (thx KTGA) and MD5 Included


take care

Enlight (2011-11)


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