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Jimmy Buffett 2015-04-16 Amway Center Orlando, Florida

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band
Amway Center
Orlando, Florida
April 16, 2015

"This One's for Orlando's Lake Pirates"
CD Friendly Version

disc one
01. Introduction >
02. Pascagoula Run
03. Only Time Will Tell
04. Changes in Latitude
05. My Head Hurts My Feet Stink and I Don't Love You
06. Come Monday
07. Cocoanut Telegraph
08. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
09. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
10. Fins
11. Volcano
12. Havana Daydreamin'
13. Margaritaville
14. Little Martha
15. He Went To Paris

disc two
16. Bama Breeze
17. Jolly Mon
18. Growing Older Not Up
19. Cheeseburger In Paradise
20. A Pirate Looks At 40
21. Knee Deep
22. The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful
23. Southern Cross
24. One Particular Harbour
25. Brown Eyed Girl
26. encore call
27. Pencil Thin Mustache
28. Band Introduction
29. Last Mango In Paris
30. Nautical Wheelers

Church Audio CA-14 Omni Mics (red band) > Church Audio 9200 Preamp (gain +15, 100%; Hi-Pass Filter off) > Tascam DR-08 , PCM24/96/ST, Low Cut 40Hz, no EQ > 24-bit/96KHz WAV files >
USB > PC > Cool Edit 2000 (fades beginning and end) > Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0 > FLAC (level 6) files > Released to the Yeeshkul! community on April 17 2015.

original notes
Recording and post-production by:  y1999jas
Location:  Section 110 (lower bowl) dead center
Format:  24-bit/96KHz FLAC files
Presented as three untracked files with gapless file splits created by the recording device.
I will leave it to others to produce and release a tracked CD version if desired

Additional lineage for CD mastering:
TLH (wav) > Adobe Audition 3.0 and iZotope RX4A (prep) > AudioGate Aqua (16-44) > TLH
Songs tagged with Stamp ID3 tag editor

Additional notes
preparation included
Spectral adjustments were made to brighten this up a tad, reduced stray noises, loud claps and claps that sounded like loud ticks-split tracks, convert to 16-44, tagged files
went over the files twice looking for ticks or distracting claps but some may remain
small things that you wouldn't notice but it helps ever so slightly not to have those noises there
not that there was anything very distracting to start with which made it easier
jewel box artwork included

For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use.

I think you will all join me in saying thanks to the taper for capturing and sharing this concert
Sound quality is very good.
Forgive me if I took some liberties while mastering your recording.

-M- (April 22, 2015)
A Flying M Presentation of an y1999jas recording


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