Monday, August 7, 2017

David Bowie The Savage Jaw Archives Volume 9

The Savage Jaw Archives.

The official SITA project in cooperation with Ziggy In Concert and Mind-Warp PaVilion.

Towards the end of the 1990's affordable home computers, CD copiers and internet connections forever changed the way that many music collectors traded their recordings. It became so much easier to contact other collectors from around the world without having to wait weeks for replies to letters, trades to be agreed and tapes to be copied, dispatched and delivered. Contacts could be made quickly and copies could be sent out quickly too. Unfortunately, the mail was still quite slow but it was all a big improvement in the opinion of many of us.

A group of traders would hang out at Ziggy In Concert forum and from there would get to know each other, arrange trades and generally have some fun whilst waiting for the mail to arrive. 
(  or  for a little stroll down memory lane)

Move the clock forward to 2004 by which time many of us had "super quick" 512kbps home "broadband" and had become familiar with BitTorrent which enabled us to get recordings sometimes in hours rather than weeks. The focus for music collectors had moved once again. We were crying out for a Torrent site which specialised in the artist whose music had brought us all together, namely David Bowie.

Goodness only knows how much work went on behind the scenes but on April 1st 2004, Savage Jaw opened it's doors, inviting everyone in to join the swarm and enjoy David Bowie "At The Atlantis". Not everybody saw this development as a good thing but the vast majority welcomed the site and the recordings with open arms. Throughout it's relatively short lifespan, Savage Jaw operated strictly to the motto "Where Quality Counts". Everything available through the site was the very best available to us. Sadly, Savage Jaw as a Bowie Torrent site closed it's doors around August 2005 but left a legacy of which those involved can be justifiably proud.

Rather than forget about this legacy a fitting tribute was put together in the form of The Savage Jaw Archives.

Vol. IX
Baton Rouge 2xCD - Louisianna State University, Baton Rouge, USA 11th April 1978
BBC 50th Birthday Broadcast 1xCD - Recorded at Madison Square Garden during the rehearsals for the 50th Birthday show 1997. This is an acoustic set broadcast by the BBC on January 8th 1997.
From A Phoenix...The Ashes Shall Rise 2xCD - Phoenix Festival, Stratford-On-Avon 18th July 1996
Move Manchester 2002 2xCD - Old Trafford Cricket Ground, 10th July 2002
Open The Dog 2xCD - Outside Tour, Wembley Arena, UK 15th November 1995
Russell Harty Plus 1xCD - For the first time, a complete recording of Russell Harty Plus, including a 12 minute interview. The program was recorded by holding a portable cassette recorder in front of the TV. This is a direct digital copy of the master tape. Understandably, the sound quality isn't very good for today's standards, but it has been cleaned from noise and tape drone. As long as the BBC will not repeat the program, this surely is the best source for My Death.
Suicide Attack 1xCD - Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan April 20,1973
The Benefit 1996 1xCD - Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California 19th & 20th October 1996. See also Fuck You All Night Long
Vampires Of Human Flesh 1xCD - circa 1980 Demos and Alternative Versions



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