Thursday, June 1, 2017

Neil Young 1985-08-30 Cactus Corral Perhan, MN

Here's another 1st generation copy taken directly from the master of M.S.
I got this tape directly from MS soon after the show and I shared it with some friends in the old times of tapes trading.
I don't know the recording equipment
Artwork for this show is included.

   1. Country Home
   2. Comes A Time
   3. Looking For A Love
   4. Heart Of Gold
   5. This Old House
   6. Southern Pacific
   7. Sugar Mountain
   8. Helpless
   9. California Sunset
  10. Nothing Is Perfect
  11. Field Of Opportunity
  12. Down By The River
  13. Old Man
  14. Powderfinger
  15. Get Back To The Country
  16. Grey Riders

1st generation tape (maxell XL II 90min) => philips cd recorder 770 => cd => FLAC level 6 => DIME

    The International Harvester
    Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica
    Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar, vocals
    Anthony Crawford - guitar, banjo, vocals
    Rufus Thibodeaux - fiddle
    Hargus Pig Robbins - piano
    Joe Allen - bass
    Karl T. Himmel - drums
    Matraca Berg - backup vocals
    Tracy Nelson - backup vocals
    Larry Cragg - banjo, autoharp
    Joel Bernstein - acoustic guitar


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