Thursday, March 15, 2018

U2 1981-03-15 Reseda Country Club Reseda, CA

Reseda Country Club
Reseda, California
March 15, 1981

original recording gear:

information currently unavailable,
but most likely a Sony portable with built in mic.
Will try to get answered at some point.

JEMS transfer:
Master Cassette > DAT >
M-Audio Transit + Peak 4.1 capture and prep >

01 The Ocean
02 Twilight
03 I Will Follow
04 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
05 An Cat Dubh
06 Into The Heart
07 Another Time, Another Place
08 The Cry/The Electric Co.
09 Things To Make And Do
10 Stories For Boys
11 Boy-Girl
12 Out Of Control
13 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
14 The Ocean
15 I Will Follow
16 A Day Without Me

This show was recorded by RG,
a prolific taper at the time in L.A.
and what he lacked in quality equipment,
he made up for in the shows he managed to record.
Like a lot of tapers of his era,
he did some things that seem strange now,
like pausing on occasion between songs to save tape.

That being said, I find this recording to be highly listenable
and highly entertaining. It is clear and has little distortion.
The whole show is there and some chatter in between,
too, though not all.

I transferred RG's master cassette to DAT around 10 years ago,
and pulled it out yesterday and did this transfer.
The only thing I did besides break it into tracks was add some
fade ins and fade outs.

I didn't even normalize, so this is pretty much exactly as the master is.
I probably traded a DAT clone or two of this back in the day,
but it has never been torrented from this verified lineage.
Butterking for JEMS


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