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The Replacements 1987-12-06 Gift Center, San Francisco, CA

December 6, 1987
Gift Center, San Francisco, CA

I.O.U. / Never Mind / Hold My Life / I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
(Prince) / Kiss Me On The Bus / Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones) /
Nightclub Jitters / Valentine / Little Mascara / Answering Machine / Otto / The
Look Of Love (Lesley Gore) / Love Lost (James Burton/Slim Dunlap) / Color Me
Impressed // Willpower / Darlin One / Go / Waitress In The Sky / Fuck School /
Cruella DeVille / I DonÕt Know / Within Your Reach / The Ledge / CanÕt Hardly
Wait / Black Diamond (Kiss) / Unsatisfied / I Will Dare / Anarchy In The UK (Sex
Pistols) [cuts in] / I Wanna Destroy You (Soft Boys) / Walk On The Wild Side
(Lou Reed) / Left Of The Dial / Alex Chilton / Bastards Of Young

Recording: Audience/SB?
Time: 44:04/63:07

Notes: Nice tight show. The vocals are really up front and at times sound almost
like a soundboard - hard to determine. Good version of "I Could Never Take The
Place Of Your Man." Nice to see older tracks like ÔOttoÕ and ÔFuck SchoolÕ making
and appearance. And for my money, one of the great underated Mats songs of
all time ÔGo.Õ Early performance of ÔDarlin One,Õ and the performance of
ÔWillpowerÕ is actually pretty cool. The lyrics to ÔAnarchy In The UKÕ are pretty
much butchered, but itÕs the sentiment that counts...

AKA: MatsTapes 118


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