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#SAB 034-035 Late Night Shows Part 3

Late Night Shows Part 3

2 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 034-035
Disc Length : 59:41 / 73:56
Source : Audience Recordings
Sound Quality : EX-
Year Of Release : 1999


Disc 1

Jam Of The Year Tour Aftershow - Glam Slam, Miami : 16th August 1997 (am)

1. Play Time   2. Play Time   3. Stomp - Flash Light Groove   4. It's All Because Of You (including La Di Da Di)   5. Sweet Thing   6. Lovin' You   7. I'll Take You There   8. There Was A Time (including Cloreen Bacon Skin)   9. The Way You Do The Things You Do   10. Shout   11. Jam (including Push It Up - Flash Light - The Roof Is On Fire - Face Down - Turn This Mutha Out)

Disc 2

Jam Of The Year Tour Aftershow - The Roxy, Houston : 1st January 1998 (am)

1. Sing A Simple Song   2. Instrumental Intro   3. Play Time   4. I'll Take You There   5. I Got The Feeling - Funk Jam   6. Instrumental Jam   7. You Can Make It If You Try   8. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)


Disc 1 contains the Jam Of The Year aftershow from the Glam Slam club in Miami and is certainly amongst the most uninteresting I have had the pleasure of listening to. Take a bow Doug E. Fresh for once again taking what could have been a fairly typical and enjoyable aftershow and making it an absolute chore to listen to. P is really a bit-part player for large sections of the show and both Marva King and Doug E Fresh are the main performers. Whereas Marva King manages to add her own style (albeit rather limited) to covering tracks like 'Sweet Thing' and 'Lovin' You', Doug E grabs the mic and the show dies a slow and painful death. As much as P rescues the show when he appears for 'Stomp', 'Shout' or when he adds some lyrics from 'Cloreen Bacon Skin' to 'There Was A Time' - it's a lost cause. The only real saving grace of the show comes with the closing medley which bizarrely begins with the studio version of 'Let's Go Crazy' played over the PA system. The quality of the recording is very decent and whilst the show sounds a little distant with a slightly heavy bass level, it's a very nice recording with a pretty low audience level. The Houston aftershow featured on Disc 2 is slightly more interesting, however P is a musician for the majority of the show and as with a number of aftershows from the period he is inaudible for large portions of the show - not necessarily a bad thing when the content is good, however this isn't one of the better ones. The recording begins with a lengthy 20 minute version of 'Sing A Simple Song' which drags on slightly too long. A short atmospheric instrumental takes us in to P's set and Marva King is featured as the vocalist on 'Play Time'. The only really stand-out on this show is the closing 'Thank You' with the crowd joining in on the chorus - I'm afraid to say the remainder of the show is monotonous and not of the standard I have grown accustomed to (but hey...what the fuck do I know). The quality of the Houston recording is slightly gritty and there are a number of glitches during the show which, whilst they are minimal are also slightly jarring. The crowd level is a little heavier than on the Miami recording, but it would still be classed as an EX- audience recording. Overall this isn't the best volume in this 9cd set in terms of content or quality. There is really nothing on here which captures your attention or makes you sit up and take notice. The booklet contains reviews from both aftershows and some very nice, rather rare pics from the main tour. It's understandable why these are part of a large 9cd set as had they been released individually they would have bombed due to their unimpressive content.



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