Monday, May 29, 2017

Van Halen 1986-08-14 The Centrum Worcester, Ma.

Van Halen Live 08-14-86 The Centrum Worcester, Ma.
5150 Tour

Teac tape deck--converted through audacity - flac thru traders little helper

01: Intro
02: You Really Goit Me
03: Theres Only One Way To Rock
04: Summer Nights
05: Get Up
06: Sammy Talks
07: Alex Van Halen Drum Solo
08: Dreams
09: 5150
10: Sammy Talks
11: Michael Anthony Bass Solo
12: Panama
13: Best Of Both Worlds Intro
14: Best Of Both Worlds
15: Sammy Talks
16: Love Walks In
17: Good Enough
18: Eddie VBan Halen Guitar Solo
19: I Can't Drive 55
20: Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
21: Wild Thing
22: Why Can't This Be Love
23: Jam & Sammy Talking
24: Rock And Roll

Eddie Van Halen - Guitar
Alex Van Halen - Drums
Michael Anthony - Bass
Sammy Hagar - Vocals

Tape Flip 1 at 44:28 After 5150
Tape Flip 2 at 86.21 Just B4 Eddies Solo

I like Van Halen With Dave. But if you are a Sammy fan, then listen to track six for the name
you can give to this concert.

Recorded from Front Row Center by a friend of mine.
This transfer is from the master tape. No info on tape deck used.
Maxell XLII Tapes
Teac tape deck--converted through audacity to wave
Wave to flac thru traders little helper

No touchups done. If anyone wants to remaster, feel free to do so


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