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Doc Watson 1988-09-08 Rolls Touring Company Troy,NY

 Doc Watson And Jack Lawrence
 Rolls Touring Company
 Troy,New York
 9-8-1988 Early And Late Shows
 Master Audience Nakamichi 700's with External Batteries>Nakamichi D500
  Microphones set up on table 25 feet from stage,Cassettes TDK SA-90's
 Taper Floater,Transfer by Keo
  Transfer:Nakamichi MR-1>Korg MR-1000 @ 1 Bit/5.6MHz
 Transfer/Tracking/Editing with AudioGate
  Software to 32 Bit Float/96kHz
   Dithered/Flacked with Korg Aqua to 16 Bit/44
    SBE's checked/Fixed with Traders Little Helper


 Early Set:

 6.Make Me A Pallet Down On Your Floor
 7.Stranger Blues
 9.The Billboard Song
10.Deep River Blues
11.Blue Eyed Jane
12.Ten Miles To Deep Gap
13.Hush Little Baby,Honey Don't You Cry (tape flip afterwards)
14....Instrumental (some music missing from tape flip)
15.T For Texas
16.The Girl In The Blue Velvet Van
17.Windy And Warm
18.Natural Born Gamblin Man
19.Wabash Cannonball
20.Liberty And Soldiers Joy (Instrumental)

 Late Show:

23.Brown's Ferry Blues
24.Dig A Little Deeper In The Well
25.You Don't Know My Mind
27.Doc's Talking
28.Hobo Bill's Last Ride
29.Stony Creek
30.St. James Infirmary
32.San Antonio Rose
33.Dark Hollow
34.Instrumental (tape flip afterwards)
35.Way Down Town (Jailhouse Blues?)
36.Thank You,Encore Break


37.Doc's Harp Lesson's>(Breakdown?)
38.Cripple Creek
39.Thank You's/Outro

 Comments:Huge thanks to Floater for the source tapes,he notes
that this is one of only a few shows at this venue.Show was in a
small room with low ceilings making it a tough room to capture
live music in.Taper drops the levels in between songs to minimize
crowd noise and clapping,raises them again before the music starts.
Also notes that these tapes were very rarely circulated and had asked
me to get to these tapes transfered for a freind,of course I was
honored to oblige and happy to listen,transfer and work these up
for everyone to enjoy.Only area missing music was from the tape
flip in the early show's side B of the Instrumental.very lillte music
is missing judging by the short length of Doc's Instrumentals.I think
the transfers came out pretty sweet!Enjoy!


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