Friday, August 11, 2017

The Police 1983-12-18 Cornwall Stadium St. Austell, England

The Police
Sunday, December 18, 1983
St. Austell, England

Disc 1:

Voices Inside My Head
Synchronicity I
Synchronicity II
Walking in Your Footsteps
Message in a Bottle
Walking On the Moon
O My God
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Tea in the Sahara

Disc 2:

Hole in My Life
Spirits in the Material World
Invisible Sun
One World (Not Three)
King of Pain
Don't Stand So Close To Me
Every Breath You Take
Murder By Numbers
Can't Stand Losin' You/Reggatta De Blanc

I'd say that between the 2 performances, this one may get the nod. There certainly is the energy here, but the drift to flat performances is just around the corner. This one is certainly not flat, but it doesn't quite have the fire of the earlier UK shows. That said, Sting is in quite a humorous mood on this night. Some of his comments are hard to hear, but the banter before the encore is quite good, as is his introduction to Hole in My Life. Unfortunately, about half of Can't Stand Losin' You is missing, as is about the last 45 seconds or so of Tea in the Sahara. This may not be the very first one to get, but it is by no means a bad addition to your collection.


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