Wednesday, May 31, 2017

INXS 1988-02-05 Barrowland, Glasgow,Scotland

INXS - Barrowland, Glasgow 1988-02-05

This is one of my mate's recordings and is straight from his original tapes. The quality is good for the
time although there is a fair bit of audience noise close by at the beginning. The venue was absolutely
jam packed making for a fantastic atmosphere. If you haven't got this I recommend uploading it. Sorry
no artwork with this one.

Recorded about 10 yards from the right side PA.
Sony TCS300 Recorder
Aiwa CM30a Mic
Converted to cd on Philips cdr796


kick (fades in)
guns in the sky
listen like thieves
calling all nations
tiny daggers
the loved one
new sensation
original sin
shine like it does
wild life
this time.

burn for you
kiss the dirt (falling down the mountain)
one x one
devil inside
need you tonight
send a message
what you need
don't change


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