Saturday, March 31, 2018

INXS 1988-03-31 San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA

Location: San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USA
Date: 31 Mar 1988
Source: Radio Broadcast
Transfer: CD-R from trade 100 years ago > EAC > FLAC Level 8 > you
Sound Quality: A- in my rating and ears....

1 Kick
2 Guns In The Sky
3 Tiny Daggers
4 The Loved One
5 Original Sin
6 Shine Like It Does
7 Listen Like Thieves
8 New Sensation
9 Soul Mistake
10 Kiss The Dirt
11 Need You Tonight
12 Mediate
13 Devil Inside
14 This Time
15 The One Thing
16 What You Need
17 Good Times
18 Don't Change

Excellent radio broadcast from Kick Tour. I remember this great album was
HUGE in my country. Nice stuff for sure and very well worth having.
This is intended for free trade only. Do not buy or sell!!


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