Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dire Straits 1980-12-10 City Hall, Newcastle, UK

1. Once upon a time in the West
2. Expresso Love
3. Down to the Waterline
4. Lions
5. Skateaway
6. Romeo and Juliet

1. In the gallery
2. News
3. Sultans of swing
4. Mark Knopfler telling the story about Les Boys
5. Improvisations by Alan Clark
6. Les Boys
7. Portobello Belle
8. Angel of Mercy
9. Intro Tunnel of Love

City Hall, Newcastle, UK, 10th December 1980.

Additional comments:
Audience recording from the City Hall in Newcastle. Very special because it is one of the rare times they play in the hometown of Mark Knopfler and Alan Clark. Cool version of In the Gallery (as usual with the late 1980 versions). Interesting intro to Down To The Waterline. Mark talks a lot between the songs which is not so usual. He tells the story about Les Boys accompanied by the band who plays some disco music and Mark even sings some. Alan improvises a lot and then plays the usual Lili Marlene intro. The most interesting version of Les Boys. Nice overall performance. Sound quality is not perfect but enjoyable to listen to. Available on two CD-R's.




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