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Van Halen 1977-10-15 Pasadena Civic Auditorium Pasadena, CA(2 different versions)

VAN HALEN October 15, 1977 Pasadena, CA/Pasadena Convention Center (includes rehearsals) SB "Japan Tour II" (Bonus Disc)

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Title: Japan Tour II (Bonus Disc)

01 On Fire
02 Voodoo Queen
03 Atomic Punk
04 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
05 On Fire

06 On Fire
07 Feel Your Love Tonight
08 Runnin' With The Devil
09 Atomic Punk
10 Little Dreamer
11 Somebody Get Me A Doctor
12 Ice Cream Man
13 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
14 Eruption
15 D.O.A.
16 You Really Got Me

David Lee Roth - Lead Vocals
Eddie Van Halen - Guitars, Vocals
Michael Anthony - Bass, Vocals
Alex Van Halen - Drums


Special Bonus CDR title for 1st set of "JAPAN TOUR II"

CD 1:
01 On Fire.flac:80673f66077eaf3d0efe42d76661338f
02 Voodoo Queen.flac:7df3857d4a9af64d182771f5deff9d4a
03 Atomic Punk.flac:c8ee0856be07d2ac140821a8a065db37
04 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love.flac:97f941027074d38c9ce2beeaa08d2414
05 On Fire.flac:9268ce899f374f82b574be13abed2a3d
06 On Fire.flac:6b08b4c8ffd47370bc65d10dcf03012d
07 Feel Your Love Tonight.flac:2b87518ba97c0d1272ef950bbb4a1ca6
08 Runnin' With The Devil.flac:b32c70208d2cff870a52a4b8f113a1fa
09 Atomic Punk.flac:b2daecfae25e9da1fb665a95fd49cc9b
10 Little Dreamer.flac:7fae33f58b0913cd10b9a67ee5d7fdb1
11 Somebody Get Me A Doctor.flac:88b9e3aedef9a3940227fa18b7eb82f4
12 Ice Cream Man.flac:0294e0475b9bb02abde9c23f1286d3f4
13 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love.flac:b96b564f7c7a16b7b6936c772b009e0d
14 Eruption.flac:0c3d735349f66962ab9c17a60e535836
15 D.O.A..flac:64be277dfaffe3343b55a90fcc0ec6ff
16 You Really Got Me.flac:06e9d1023b4eaa1ce3c4f976b1196959

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Artist: Van Halen
Title: Young & Wild
Venue: Pasadena Civic Auditorium
Date: October 15, 1977
Label: Backstage
Year: 1992

Same show as Dressed To Kill, previously posted, but this one is the full show with all the dialog included.  You have just got to have all that Dave dialog in there friends.  What is a VH show without Dave yakking in-between every tune?  The sound is not as good as Dressed To Kill but I guess you just can’t have everything… or maybe, you can’t always get what you want.  Enjoy!


01 On Fire 3:54 
02 Feel Your Love Tonight 4:25 
03 Runnin' Wuth The Devil 4:33 
04 Atomic Punk 3:30 
05 Little Dreamer 3:24 
06 Somebody Get Me A Doctor 5:09 
07 Ice Cream Man 3:35 
08 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 4:33 
09 Eruption 3:53 
10 D.O.A. 5:04 
11 You Really Got Me 4:54

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