Sunday, June 4, 2017

Paul McCartney and Wings 1976-05-22 Boston Garden Boston, MA

You may note I've labled this Source One. This is a different source recording then the one posted recently by shopkin527 ( I dubbed this as source one since to my estimation it was the first one freely traded. shopkin527's version also appeared on a Japanese 2-CD set "Wings Over Boston". No disrespect to shopkin527 but the cd set has been eq'ed and sounds a bit better because of it, However the eq has also brought up the audience noise a bit in the process, so opinions will vary. The quality of this upload is not as nice as either of those so you don't need htis post unless you are a completist. Please note this too is missing Soily as it appears to not have been performed.

Paul McCartney and Wings
Boston, MA
Source One

Lineage>Audience Recording aquired in Cassette Trade>NAK BX-125>Lafayette LR-3030>M-Audio 24/96>Adobe Audition>Wav>Flackfrontend>Flac6>YOU

Disc One

01-Venus and Mars/Rock Show 7:06
02-Jet  4:06
03-Let Me Roll It 4:29
04-Spirits of Ancient Egypt 4:14
05-Medicine Jar 4:48
06-Maybe I’m Amazed 5:27
07-Call Me Back Again 5:50
08-Lady Madonna 3:42
09-The Long And Winding Road 4:20
10-Live and Let Die 5:31
11-Picasso's Last Words 2:30
12-Richard Cory 3:01
13-Bluebird 4:18
14-I’ve Just Seen A Face :30
15-Blackbird 2:48
16-Yesterday 2:30
Total 65:19

Disc Two

01-You Gave Me The Answer 3:18
02-Magneto and Titanium Man 4:08
03-My Love 4:54
04-Listen To What The Man Said 3:57
05-Let 'em In  4:37
06-Time To Hide 5:07
07-Silly Love Songs 6:22
08-Beware My Love 5:30
09-Letting Go 5:50
10-Band On The Run 6:40
11-Hi Hi Hi 5:36

Total 56:02


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