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#SAB 074 Late Night Shows Part 5

Late Night Shows Part 5

1 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 074
Disc Length : 57:43
Source : Audience Recording
Sound Quality : EX
Year Of Release : 1999


Newpower Soul Festival Tour Aftershow
Lux, Lisbon
16th December 1998 (am)

1. 777-9311 (intro)   2. Baby Let's Go (intro)   3. The Undertaker (instrumental)   4. Girls And Boys (instrumental)   5. Happy Birthday (mobile phone conversation)   6. Anna Stesia   7. Alphabet St. (instrumental) - Release Yourself   8. Organ Solo   9. Hair   10. Love And Happiness   11. I Want To Take You Higher


The final volume of Sabotage's Late Night Shows box set, and certainly a strange affair. The show can easily be separated into two different mini-shows. P and the NPG perform a mostly instrumental set for the first half, before Larry Graham takes over for the remaining 20 minutes. In fact P doesn't seem to be present at all for the second part of the show. Things start off quite well with a number of lengthy funk instrumental workouts. P stops the band during an instrumental take on 'Girls And Boys' and proceeds to have a telephone conversation with an audience members' girlfriend. Unfortunately things take a turn for the worse at this point. P begins to make remarks about people smoking in the audience, and goes in to a long, sermonising rant on the subject. He seems to take offence at one audience member in particular, and there are a number of remarks shouted to P (all in Spanish / Portuguese unfortunately). A very short instrumental take on 'Alphabet St.' is played before P says goodnight and walks off stage. Larry Graham takes over the action for the remainder of the show. Had the show not contained P's outburst, this would have been a rather straightforward 98 aftershow - however it is ridiculously laughable hearing P lecturing the audience. Sabotage (and indeed The Vault) have listed an instrumental track as 'The Undertaker', however I feel that's stretching the truth somewhat. The bass line bears a resemblance to 'The Undertaker' however the whole jam is far more similar to 'House Party' - still, a minor point.


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