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Oasis 1994-08-13 Hultsfred Festival Hultsfred (Silver Swedish Radio '94 + More)

Oasis  1994-08-13 Hultsfred Festival Hultsfred (Silver Swedish Radio '94 + More)Flac

01 Columbia
02 Shakermaker
03 Fade away
04 Digsy's dinner
05 Live forever
06 Bring it on down
07 Up in the sky
08 Slide away
09 Cigarettes & Alcohol
10 Supersonic
11 I am the walrus

Bonus Tracks All Recorded At Whiskey A Go Go LA 29-09-1994

12 Rock n Roll Star
13 Cigarettes And Alcohol
14 Married With Children
15 Supersonic

Artwork included.

Ok here's another little beauty of a silver single disc I have entitled
Swedish Radio '94 + More.

It's on the KMA (Kiss My Ass) record label, with the catolgue nos of KMACD002.

This was one of the first silver Oasis discs that I bought, and the price ticket of £14 is still on the cd case.

The majority of it is captured by a swedish radio broadcast from the
Hultsfred Festival on 13th August 1994.

The sound quality is stunning and there are some great renditions of songs.
In Shakermaker for example Liam starts singing about buying everyone
a certain world famous brand of "Cola"

The Bonus tracks are from Whiskey A Go Go LA 29-09-1994. The sound again
is either from a soundboard or radio broadcast and great. Just a little bit of fluctuation in the first track.

Overall the sound of this disc captures the band with all the power and engergy which turned them into
one of the worlds best Indie acts, and represents some of the best 73 minutes of Oasis you'll have the pleasure of listening to.


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