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U2 2015-07-02 United Center Chicago, Illinois

United Center
Chicago, Illinois
July 2, 2015

Source: Church Audio CA-11 cards => UGLY pre-amp => Tascam DR-2D
Transfer: DR-2d => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => FLAC (level 8)
Location:  Floor, 1/2 to 2/3 way back along the rail, Adam side

Track listing:

Disc one (77:29):
(1)  The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) (5:04)
(2)  Gloria (4:44)
(3)  Vertigo (3:32)
(4)  I Will Follow (4:42)
(5)  Banter (2:49)
(6)  Iris (Hold Me Close) (6:25)
(7)  Cedarwood Road (4:40)
(8)  Song For Someone (4:12)
(9)  Sunday Bloody Sunday (5:31)
(10)  Raised By Wolves (4:29)
(11)  Until The End Of The World (5:44)
(12)  Intermission (4:35)
(13)  Invisible (4:23)
(14)  Even Better Than The Real Thing (4:33)
(15)  Mysterious Ways (4:57)
(16)  Banter (1:22)
(17)  California (There Is No End To Love) (4:18)
(18)  Banter (1:21)

Disc two (68:23):
(1)  Ordinary Love (3:39)
(2)  Banter (0:49)
(3)  Every Breaking Wave (4:26)
(4)  Bullet The Blue Sky (9:05)
(5)  Pride (In The Name Of Love) (5:54)
(6)  Beautiful Day (4:49)
(7)  Bad (7:04)
(8)  With or Without You (5:37)
(9)  Encore break (3:02)
(10)  Taped intro (1:09)
(11)  City of Blinding Lights (5:44)
(12)  Banter (3:06)
(13)  Mother and Child Reunion (1:01)
(14)  Where The Streets Have No Name (6:36)
(15)  "40" (6:14)

Md5 signature file is included.  Sorry, no artwork (feel free to make some)


Note:  This is a 24/44.1 file set, which in most cases can't be burned directly to CD without downsampling to 16-bit.  A 16-bit, CD-friendly version will be posted separately.  The recording is seamless; the disc breaks above are merely a suggestion.

The last of five nights in Chicago; featuring a few setlist variations and a very vocal audience.  The performance on the whole was pretty good, with two songs that had not been played any of the previous nights ("California" and "40") and Bono appeared to be particularly animated.  I think (though I would need to check) this is also the longest show of the five-night run; the band seemed to really enjoy their stint in Chicago and played a slightly longer set than usual.

Recording quality is much better than I expected it would be; I was on the rail near the E-stage, though talkers near me forced me to move twice (I ended up about midway in the arena) in order to minimize their impact on the recording.  The sound appears to me to be fairly consistent throughout the recording, which surpsied me -- I thought there would be phasing as I moved around to get away from the people who were loudly chatting.  Overall, the vocals are more distant than I would like (the function of the overhead speakers pointing more to the assigned seats than the GA section) but the sound is pretty good.  I only spot-checked the recording, but "Ordinary Love" is the only track that's a bit marred by the audience chatter.  I think that on the whole this will be an enjoyable recording for U2 fans, though I'm sure that better sources (probably with pro rigs from the 100-level or club section) will become available over time.

A note to tapers:  If you can find a good club or front-balcony seat beside the stage, that is probably the best location for taping this show.  The GA section has speakers that are almost directly overhead; on one hand, it's good because there are speakers all the way to the back of the arena as opposed to over the stage, but on the other, the sound is coming directly down on you as opposed to in front of you.  It's a bit tricky to record.  Stealth tapers with cards on the floor will need to orient their microphones almost directly upward to get a good line on the sound ... and even then, it's tough.  Omnis might be the best bet from the floor.  I had my best luck with my cards on the club level.

Anyone who would like to remaster, de-clap, etc. this recording and repost it is welcome to do so; in the info file, please document the original source and what you did.  Mp3 samples are included in the comments.


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