Monday, May 22, 2017

Mr. Mister 1986-08-08 Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canadaigua, NY

US Tour - Summer 1986 (labelled Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canadaigua, NY - August 8, 1986)

Soundboard or FM source, excellent but with some hiss

Lineage: CDR trade - EAC - tlh - dime

Prog-pop at its finest, these guys could really kick it live. As the times indicate, the band had started to jam on some of these tracks, most notably on
"Is It Love" and "Life Goes On" (their favorite song from their first album). If you like this band (and lead singers who play bass...) at all, give it a listen.

01 Uniform of Youth    04:57
02 Something Real    04:45
03 Broken Wings        06:09
04 Welcome To The Real World 05:34
05 Is It Love        08:23
06 Kyrie        04:22
07 Life Goes On        10:17
08 Purple Haze        02:27
09 Stand And Deliver    06:43


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