Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bob Marley 1980-06-27 San Siro Soccer Stadium Milano, Italy

Bob Marley & The Wailers - San Siro Soccer Stadium,
Milano, Italy, June 27, 1980  
Disc One.

I-Three's (opening band)

1. Intro >
2. Precious Love 
3. Slave Queen  
4. Steppin Out Of Babylon  
5. That's The Way  

Bon Marley & The Wailers

6. Intro  
7. Natural Mystic  (applauses fades out) *
8. Positive Vibration  
9. Revolution  
10. I Shot The Sheriff  
11. War > No More Trouble  
12. Zimbabwe  
13. Zion Train 

Disc Two.

1. No Woman No Cry 
2. Jamming  
3. Exodus  
4. Redemption Song  
5. Natty Dread (applauses fades out) *   
6. Work  
7. Kaya  
8. Roots, Rock, Reggae 
9. Is This Love ? 
10. Could You Be Loved ?  
11. Kinky Reggae  
12. Get Up Stand Up

*Due to turn C-60 tape side.

I-three's opening with 4 songs. Biggest attendance of any
Bob show with about 120,000 people there.

Really good audience.

Master tape > equalizer > cd > wav > flac.

I taped this show, i was 70 meters from the main stage, using a
Nakamichi 550 tape recorder with 2 Schoeps microphones,
and 2 C-60 Maxell cassettes.

Even if i'm not an huge reggae fan, but i like many reggae acts,
i like to share this show with you cause this was one of the most
important musical events happened in Italy in the last 40 years,
and this show barely circulated in this complete version.....I
still have great memories from that hot june's day, so i hope
you'll ejoy it.....


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