Thursday, June 8, 2017

Paul McCartney and Wings 1975-09-09 Gaumont Southampton England

Here is the second cassette tape transfer in this series and the first show of the 1975 tour. You will notice some differences in the set list on the first few shows which changed later in the tour. Please note the quality of most of the shows from this era is nothing special. These are those of you that need to have everything.

Paul McCartney and Wings
Gaumont Southampton England 9-9-1975

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Disc One

01-Venus and Mars/Rock Show
03-Let Me Roll It
04-Spirits of Ancient Egypt
05-Little Woman Love-C Moon
06-Maybe I’m Amazed
07-Lady Madonna
08-The Long And Winding Road
09-Medicine Jar
11-Picasso's Last Words
12-Richard Cory
14-I’ve Just Seen A Face

Disc Two

03-You Gave Ne The Answer
04-Magneto and Titanium Man
05-Go Now
06-Junior’s Farm
07-Letting Go
08-Live and Let Die
09-Call Me Back Again
10-My Love
11-Listen To What The Man Said
12-Band On The Run

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