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Alison Krauss 2005-05-14 Massey Hall,Toronto

Alison Krauss & Union Station
Massey Hall,Toronto
 May 14, 2005

Taped By Bobby Plant
Sony TCD and Core Mics

Setlist: Unknown

This is a fairly decent recording of AKUS show from Toronto last year. I am not that familiar with her music enough to know the song titles. A number of the tracks are in between song dialog as well.
If someone could post a set list and/or artwork, that would be greatly appreciated.

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Restless
d1t03 This Sad Song
d1t04 Unionhouse Branch
d1t05 Goodbye Is All We Have
d1t06 Wouldn't Be So Bad
d1t07 Talking
d1t08 Rain Please Go Away
d1t09 Every Time You Say Goodbye
d1t10 Bright Sunny South
d1t11 Carroll County Blues
d1t12 Talking
d1t13 It Don't Matter Now
d1t14 Forget About It
d1t15 Gravity
d1t16 Talking
d1t17 In The Morning Light
d1t18 Talking
d1t19 Monkey Let The Hogs Out
d1t20 Instrumental
d1t21 Pastures of Plenty

d2t01 My Poor Old Heart
d2t02 I Am a Man Of Constant Sorrow
d2t03 We Hide And Seek
d2t04 Talking
d2t05 The Lucky One
d2t06 Baby, Now That I Found You
d2t07 Talking
d2t08 When You Say Nothing At All
d2t09 If I Didn't Know Any Better
d2t10 Oh, Atlanta
d2t11 Applause

d2t12 My Ain True Love
d2t13 Down To The River To Pray
d2t14 A Living Prayer


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