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Gov't Mule 1994-12-28 Be Here Now, Asheville, NC

Gov't Mule
Dec. 28th, 1994
Be Here Now, Asheville, NC

Source: SBD > ? > cdr

I believe this to be probably sbd > mc > cd
although I was told the lineage is
sbd > DAT > cdr but don't believe it.
There isn't any analog hiss but there are various
dropouts that are probably caused from tape flips.
I've received about 5 copies of this show from various
trades and this is the best copy I've tracked down.
The rest had tape hiss and more problems than this copy.
I cleaned this up a little with Cool Edit Pro.
I faded where I would assume tape flips happended during
World Of Difference & Dust My Broom.
I retracked this show, ran the wavs thru shntool &
converted them to flac.
In some spots there are fluctuations in levels but that
seems to be the problem with all the copies I've heard.
any ?'s e-mail me at

Disc 1:
--1st Set--
01. Rocking Horse >
02. Blind Man In The Dark >
03. Monkey Hill >
04. She's So Heavy jam >
05. Gambler's Roll
06. talking/tuning
07. In My Time Of Dying tease >
08. End Of The Line
09. The Same Thing
10. talking/tuning
11. Left Coast Groovies >
12. World Of Difference (fade out)
13. (fade in) World Of Difference (con't) >
14. Sin's A Good Man's Brother >
15. Trane >
16. Third Stone jam >
17. Mother Earth

Disc 2:
01. talking/tuning
02. Just Got Paid
--2nd Set--
03. talking/tuning
04. Mr. Big *
05. Steamroller Blues *+
06. talking/tuning
07. Dust My Broom (fade out) **
08. (fade in) Dust My Broom (con't) **>
09. Look On Yonder Wall **>
10. Dust My Broom **>
11. Who Do You Love? **>
12. Wang Dang Doodle **>
13. Dust My Broom **
14. tuning
15. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed ***+> Drums ***> In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed ***

* Kelee Holland on vocals
** Jeff Lancaster on guitar and Kelee Holland on vocals
*** Mike Barnes and Howie Johnson on guitar, Chipper Lunsford on drums and Jabba The Hut on mouth harp
+ first time played


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