Monday, April 2, 2018

Iron Maiden 1980-04-01 Rainbow Theatre London, Eng.(fixed)(FLAC)

Iron Maiden

London Rainbow
1980 april 1
44:51 min
Flac tested: OK

This is not the complete show. If Iron Maiden headlined at the Rainbow
the would have played a bit longer don´t you think?
Oh, by the way, don´t you forget to be greatful!

1 Intro
2 Sanctuary
3 Wrathchild
4 Prowler
5 Remember tomorrow
6 Running free
7 Transylvania
8 Phantom of the opera
9 Iron Maiden (cut at 6:45)
10 Drifter (ends at 7:27)

This is the version toxic666 seeded a couple days ago!
If you wanna have a stab at fixing it up download it here:

This a horrible sucker:)
I have tried to "fix" this up a bit and it´s alightly better.
Still it´s not a fun recording. It sounds like it have been recorded
between somebodys legs on the balcony. A bit muffled i would say:)

What i did was take away a big chunk of bass (there was plenty). The next
thing i did was to push up the volume and add some treble. The next thing i did
was to take away a lot of noise. There was nothing musical after 2.3khz so i just
pushed those frequencies above that down with a compressor. No noise remover here!!!!

Still it doesn´t sound to sexy as i have mentioned before, BUT i did that on purpose.
When you play this recording on your computer or stereo, you have access to an equlizer.
I suggest you add frequenzies of your own choise, something that might fit your ears
better than mine. We all have diffrent tastes. What i think sound great may not
be to your liking. BUT still, now the recording is easier to listen to than before!

About if this is the first Rainbow show or not. You can´t hear on this recording if they
actually play on Rainbow or not. You can hear Paul say something that sounds like ...and you
up there on the that´s a clue, but not something tha would hold up in court.
Second thing is that on the Early Days DVD and Run To The Hills Maidens official biography,
there is no mention that Maiden played the Rainbow before Adrian Smith joined the band!(I think)
And this is not the same as the Live At Rainbow film either. So until somebody can show us
all some proff that this April 1st show actually IS Rainbow. I will call this recording:
London Rainbow???? 1980 april 1st.

So if any of you can clear this up, i would appreciate it!


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