Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rush 1980-01-30 The Omni, Atlanta, GA

The Omni, Atlanta, GA
Length:  58:58, 52:52
Audience recording
Quality: G+/VG-


Disc 1:

01 Radio Ad / 2112 (Overture/The Temples of Syrinx) 14:54
02 Free Will  5:51
03 By-Tor and the Snow Dog  5:19
04 Xanadu  11:46
05 The Spirit of Radio  5:04
06 Natural Science (w/cut)  7:34
07 A Passage to Bangkok  3:30
08 The Trees  4:58

Disc 2:

01 Cygnus X-1  7:41
02 Hemispheres  13:56
03 Closer to the Heart  5:25
04 Jacob's Ladder  6:43
05 Working Man  3:26
06 Finding My Way  0:16
07 Anthem  1:41
08 Bastille Day (cut)  1:19
09 In the Mood  2:37
10 Drum Solo  3:57
11 La Villa Strangiato (cut)  5:49


From Ron's Rush RoIO Review:

This show comes from relatively early in the PeW tour, but already everything sounds tight. This is a great high-energy performance. The sound rates a solid OK. The band sounds a bit distant, and the resolution leaves something to be desired. There are cuts in the middle of Natural Science and Jacob’s Ladder. The last half of La Villa is also missing.


Completist and people that attended this show will be the only ones the will probably want to grab this one for thier collection.  The taper sounds like he had some issues during Bastille Day and I'm guessing his tape got munched.  After loosing part of Bastille Day he must have corrected the problem in time to catch most of the next 3 tracks, but the tape ends half way through La Villa.

Khaki comments:

Bassy, muddy, distorted and distant recording. Just for completists, I suppose. I have a feeling that the tracks have been shuffled around too.
"In the Mood" to "La Villa..." sounds like it is from another show, still quite distorted but a lot brighter sound.


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