Monday, May 8, 2017

The Pretenders 1987-03-24 Pavillion UIC, Chicago, IL

Pretenders  -  Pavillion UIC, Chicago, IL,  1987-03-24, FM, Complete(!!!) Concert

Contrast clause: This one is different from and from

because this one is the TRUE complete concert which was broadcasted in this form as far as I know only once on NDR 2 (Germany) in two parts  in 1988. The whole concert is about 100 min. long and absolutely fantastic. The setlist is nearly exactly the same as posted as „(Apparent actual) Setlist“ in by MikeDreams but „Chill Factor“ is missing which is included here.

The filler is the approximately 30-minutes BBC concert at the „Paris Theatre“ London from 1979. It was posted several times on DIME but the outstanding of this one is that it is taken from the ORIGINAL (not the Bootleg!)  „BBC Transcription LP“!

Lineage „Chicago 1987“:  Tuner „Grundig T 7500“ => DAT => PC => WaveLab + plugins => Traders Little Helper (Level 8)
Lineage „Paris Theatre 1979“: BBC Transcription LP => TDK C60 => Transfer to PC with „Nakamichi Dragon“ => WaveLab + plugins => Traders Little Helper (Level 8)

Both concerts were carefully mastered and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Artwork is included.


01.Intro NDR 2
02.Room Full Of Mirrors
03.Message Of Love
04.The Adultress
05.Time The Avenger
07.Light Of The Moon
08.My Baby
09.Private Life
10.Hymn To Her
11.Chill Factor
12.Back On The Chain Gang
13.My City Was Gone
14.Up The Neck

CD 2
01.Bad Boys Get Spanked
02.Middle Of The Road
04.Don`t Get Me Wrong
05.Brass In Pocket
06.Mystery Achievement
07.The Wait
08.NDR 2 Outro
09.The Wait
10.Stop Your Sobbing
12.Cuban Slide
13.Brass In Pocket
14.Tattoed Love Boys


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