Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Doors "Three Hours for Magic" unreleased radio program 1982

The Doors
"Three Hours for Magic" unreleased radio program 1982
Quality: A
Fingerprints enclosed

LP Master > Pioneer PDR-555RW recorder > CD-R > Ultimate Encoder
> wav > Flac Frontend > flac

I torrented this one time on STG about a year or so ago,
and this wonderfully RARE set came straight from my
master LP set.

This is one of the rarest Doors recordings out there,
once even considered a "phantom recording" until a vinyl
edition popped up. This recording was made in 1982 and was supposedly
broadcast once in England in '83. It was pressed in a
limited number of 500 vinyl copies that were promos given
to radio stations in the early 80's. Very few have seem
to have survived. It contains three hours of anecdotes about
Jim Morrison from everyone from Corky Courson, Pam's father,
to Tony Liscandro, to journalists and the like. It is truly
an amazing set for any Doors fan. It also contains Jim reading
poetry from the Lost Paris sessions of '71. I cannot express
enough how damn rare this thing's a tribute to Doors
fans all ovetr this board...this is for you, Ollie, you bastard!

I'm capped at 30, so please be patient and WAIT AROUND and share
with others, please...that's all I request.

Sorry, but no artwork on this one...



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