Friday, March 23, 2018

Neil Young 1976-03-23 Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France

Neil Young 1976-03-23 Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France
Master Tape
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Neil Young
Frank Sampedro
Billy Talbot
Ralph Molina

Following up on the recent Toronto 1978 Rust Never Sleeps gig posted recently, here is another choice Neil show from the 1970s, a great concert from Paris on the "Like a Hurricane" 1976 tour.
This is EX- quality, one of the best-sounding shows from the European leg of the tour, and comes from the master tape.
The recorder did a great job. Song samples provided. The song selection is also wonderful. "Zuma" and "Like a Hurricane" are among my favorite Neil albums, so this tour is a special one for me.

Disc One: (31:10)
01.Tell Me Why
02.Cowgirl In The Sand
03.After The Goldrush
04.Mellow My Mind
05.Too Far Gone
06.A Man Needs A Maid
07.No One Seems To Know
08.Heart Of Gold

Disc Two: (65:47)
09.Country Home
10.Don't Cry No Tears
11.Down By The River
12.Lotta Love
13.Like A Hurricane
14.Band Intros
15.The Losing End
16.Drive Back
17.Southern Man
18.Cortez The Killer
19.Cinnamon Girl

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