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Yes 2003-09-20 Sydney Entertainment Centre Sydney, AU

Sydney, AU
Sydney Entertainment Centre
Mastered by TheTooleMan

Excellent audience recording by G (who wishes to remain somewhat anonymous)

Sony condenser mic -> Sony M1 DAT -> TheTooleMan -> Sound Forge -> FLAC

Taper's notes:
"My position for recording was probably not the best, way off center and a bit too far away from the speaker stacks (same distance as soundboard). On the other hand this was partly compensated by very good recording equipment, Sony M1 DAT plus a high quality directional Sony condenser microphone, making for a curious result: The tape sounds better then the actual concert sounded from my position. (Some minor noise resulting from the mike being in my shirt sleave, but I sat petrified through the actual music parts) I used a 3 hour tape and did not loose anything. Also my processing gear is direct digital."

TheTooleMan's notes:
"This show was performed on my 48th birthday! Jon Anderson had been singing a 'Happy Birthday' song at almost every stop on the tour. When I found out several of my friends down under would be attending this show, and possibly getting backstage, I asked them to see if they could get Jon to wish me a happy birthday. Well, even though they didn't get the message to Jon, my mate Paul Rogers can be plainly heard at about 30 seconds into disk 2 track 1 announcing my birthday. (Actually, G's recording did not pick up Paul's voice, but another one did, and I carefully mixed it in.) Thanks to Paul for carrying the message half-way 'round the world!"

From Forgotten Yesterdays:

Date    :    Saturday, September 20, 2003 (3 years ago)
City    :    Sydney, Australia
Venue    :    Sydney Entertainment Centre
Capacity    :    8,000
Lineup    :   
Jon Anderson     (Vocals)
Steve Howe     (Guitars)
Chris Squire     (Bass)
Rick Wakeman     (Keyboards)
Alan White     (Drums)

Disk one:
Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
Don't Kill The Whale
In The Presence Of
We Have Heaven/South Side Of The Sky
And You And I
To Be Over/Australia/Clap

Disk two:
Happy Birthday
Show Me
Wakeman Solo
Heart Of The Sunrise
Long Distance Runaround/Whitefish/On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
I've Seen All Good People


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