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Led Zeppelin 1973-07-24 Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA

Led Zeppelin
Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA
Hello Pittsburgh (Image Quality 057/58)

Lineage : Trader CD-R > EAC > WAV > TLH (Level 6 ) > Flac

Disc 1:
Rock And Roll
Celebration Day
Black Dog
Over The Hills And Far Away
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I´ve Been Loving You
No Quarter
The Song Remains The Same
The Rain Song

Disc 2:
Dazed And Confused
Whole Lotta Love
The Ocean


notes :

Bootledz.com :

7-24-73, sources 1-3
Early Days, Latter Days (no label), Hello Pittsburgh (Image Quality), Pittsburgh Steelers (Empress Valley), & Resurrection (Electric Magic)
Early Days seems to be a single source. The songs available on the title are from the first and last thirds of the show. It runs too fast.
IQ and Electric Magic use a second source until the last three songs, with the exception that IQ uses what seems to be a 3rd source to finish the last minute of Dazed. The last three are from the same source as Early Days' title.
Electric Magic's Celebration Day has a sudden sound change during the song that isn't found on IQ.
IQ's title was produced from a higher generation of tape than EMC and is also less complete. There's several seconds missing after Since I've Been Loving You. No Quarter is missing 21 seconds from the middle, misses the last 18 seconds, and several more after the song. Dazed has 4 extra cuts. The fourth cut is where a different, possibly third source, is used to complete the song, although it still misses over two minutes. The problems during the remainder of the tape are shared with the other titles - they all rely on the same source for these songs.
Empress Valley's title introduces the third source for this show. It's foundation is source one, then source three. The second source is used briefly one time, during No Quarter. The third source offers more music - Stairway To Heaven and Moby Dick. Unfortunately, it's Song Remains the Same and Rain Song (source three) are full of serious digital errors - completely unacceptable.
Electric Magic's background noise is a tiny bit louder than IQ's. The music is louder too, but far more significant than the difference in the background noise.
IQ has more of the lower end while Electric Magic has higher end frequencies.

Argenteum Astrum :

A really great, vibrant recording of an absolutely riotous show! After the sluggish start of the 2nd leg of the tour, things have been heating up and this show is definitely a fine example! The crowd's way into it and the band overplay themselves by giving one of the most visceral, savage concerts ever! The machine of Page, Jones and Bonham is beyond description, especially in the immense Dazed And Confused with its very long and eerie bow solo and amazing interplay in the middle. No Quarter is also funky and hard and Jimmy gives us one of his longest and best solos linking Misty Mountain Hop and Since I've Been Loving You. Heartbreaker begins with Bonham pounding all hell out of his kit and the ending numbers are a joy to hear, especially how Robert controls the crowd. His voice has been powerful and savage this whole show.


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