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David Bowie 1976-03-16 Spectrum Philadelphia, PA

David Bowie Spectrum Arena 16th March 1976 "An American Duke" Flac

Disc 1:

1. Station To Station
2. Suffragette City
3. Fame
4. Word On A Wing
5. Stay
6. Waiting For The Man
7. Queen Bitch
8. Life On Mars? - Five Years
9. Panic In Detroit
10. Band Intro
11. Changes
12. TVC-15

Disc 2:

1. Diamond Dogs
2. Rebel Rebel
3. Sister Midnight
4. Jean Genie

Lineage: Trade CDRs > EAC (Secure) > FLAC >

Artwork: Yes

Source:  Audience

SQ:      VG+/Ex-

MD 5 Checksums:

Disc 1

35B95CCEC187EA62F0EF1C13DA1B995F  12 - Track12.flac
CC7037A0819D4A5466230146DD51011F  11 - Track11.flac
12D8827FC370A7B41414ABD9F0752D94  10 - Track10.flac
5BFBBB2314144912E8A8C9A367DFF5D8  09 - Track09.flac
4FB399DCDF0F415FA8820754B12A2932  08 - Track08.flac
56F243CFA24F1A89B6795F0E7C11C6D7  07 - Track07.flac
776466EF2D4FED231F9B75E93B7678E2  06 - Track06.flac
B0B7DDC6917065BAC1A5E374948A01AD  05 - Track05.flac
BEA91946B01130B052905687293F6428  04 - Track04.flac
2CC3F5E2040465308A8DF63A5619602F  03 - Track03.flac
0D776C008DB35424C409DAD3193FDF02  02 - Track02.flac
3A9FE1753EB512EA9CADB0F4304A6655  01 - Track01.flac

Disc 2

0315797BD8F31C92F2264E21E7BF9344  04 - Track04.flac
7D6640EA08DDB89783AA6A454DC83CEE  03 - Track03.flac
158A17CCFDEF3CD01453E2D4A420F20A  02 - Track02.flac
6A9D051C6E28C473C9E0A0527427B811  01 - Track01.flac

This is another Bowie show which I received in a CDR trade.  Once again with CDR's you can never be sure of the source material provide
however the notes that came with it stated it was from a Flac source.

So to the recording which is actually very reasonable indeed bearing it's age,and conditions it was recorded under, and is perfectly listenable.
It's not perfect by any stretch of your imagination but it's nigh on a full 1976 show which is a rarity in itself,
and consequently if you like this period in Bowie's history then you'll really appreciate this recording.

This is what the original notes that came with it said:

"Lineage: Trade CDRs > EAC (Secure) > FLAC > You

Artwork is included, courtesy of Mind-Warp PaVilion.

Tracks checked with TLH to confirm CDDA source.

OK, it's back to the Isolar Tour (1976) and another Old Gold release, although this was looking very doubtful
for quite a while. I traded this title with Cagey, and for some unknown reason all of the disks
I've tried to rip from his trades have been particularly

It took around two and a half hours to rip each of the first tracks -
maybe more, because I couldn't just sit there and watch it, but after that all of the other
tracks ripped without any trouble. While I didn't see it happen, the EAC text file tells me so,
but the first track of each disk had read errors and sync problems as well as several suspicious positions.
I've listened to each of these tracks and they sound fine to me, so I'm hoping that some of you fellows
here might like them also.

Sound quality is not perfect, but it's better than some of the 1974 torrents I've seeded, and also a
bit better than some of the Wembley shows. The first concert has a little low end distortion, and
also fluctuates between clear and muffled. I'm betting that the taper couldn't hold the mics up for too long. ;)
While they're quite enjoyable to my ears, I'd probably suggest they're probably not something the casual
Bowie fan might like, so please check a single file first if you have sound quality doubts.
So without any further ado, set your computer to do it's stuff, and enjoy. :-)
Note: This bootleg contained other tracks from different venues. These tracks are not included here"

Unfortunately the artwork relates to 3 Bowie concerts (4 Discs) from his American leg of his 1976
however I only received the Philadelphia show.  The shows not included were from Boston and Rochester, and if anyone
has those shows I'd be grateful if they could be seeded.

As always share freely but never sell.

Bowie is a current recording artist so support him by buying his official cd's and merchandise etc.

I hope you enjoy it and there's more to come




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