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Fleetwood Mac 1988-06-05 Open Air Rock am Ring Nürburgring, Germany

 Fleetwood Mac - 1988.06.05, Open Air Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany,
 2 CD, A+, FM broadcast, 112 min.

 FM broadcast(SWR3 radio station) > master tape>wave(Philips CDR570)>
 track split(CD wave Editor)>fade in/fade out(Nero wave Editor)>flac(8)TLH
 aligne on sector boundaries
 Quality is exc.(+), listen to the two MP3 samples

 line up :

 Stevie Nicks - tambourine, singer
 Christine McVie - piano & keyboard, singer
 John McVie - bass guitar,
 Mick Fleetwood - drums & percussion
 Rick Vito - guitar, singer
 Billy Burnette - guitar, singer


 01.Say you love    06:07
 02.The chain       06:24
 03.Dreams          04:36
 04.Isn´t it midnight    05:28
 05.Oh well         04:12
 06.Seven wonders   04:52
 07.Stop messin´around(tape change in applause)   04:35
 08.Everywhere      03:54
 09.Gold dust woman 06:53
 10.Don´t let me down again  04:38
 11.Has anyone ever written anything for you   04:57
 12.Another woman   04:15
 13.Brown eyes      03:04


 14.World turning(tape change, a few seconds of LL missing)  19:44
 15.Little lies    03:46
 16.Stand back (short break in the song, removed traffic news))  04:30
 17.You make loving fun   04:28
 18.Go your own way       06:41
 19.Encore break          02:55
 20.Blue letter           05:13
 21.Don´t stop            05:18

 flac fingerprints :

3fed6485fef278d6797b8a261aa7edc7 *CD 1\01.Say you love.flac
c24a0b7be28fc988ae21eefb1a51b9fe *CD 1\02.The chain.flac
885715816a851fdb05bc85e2470ddf49 *CD 1\03.Dreams.flac
1816e1c06a9b7f26826d4f2ed9713f6c *CD 1\04.Isn´t it midnight.flac
ff64841be2e560e5f5487c9959894ac7 *CD 1\05.Oh well.flac
f12c81c2296d711d63fd68ba2e15d81a *CD 1\06.Seven wonders.flac
bfed41dc3c017a10f229417c5ace1952 *CD 1\07.Stop messin´ around.flac
6a9cb2da5fb38673d791ede43c4a740a *CD 1\08.Everywhere.flac
55d1d76243cf85c0a7cf08c87a49669b *CD 1\09.Gold dust woman.flac
db861885e7fa20e9797625adbfa93560 *CD 1\10.Don´t let me down again.flac
309804ac1109d6e31d4b6888d879931d *CD 1\11.Has anyone ever written anything for you.flac
45487456acc09a3fe323060882a027ec *CD 1\12.Another woman.flac
cc76de4b1176c2a2c1b0151062611239 *CD 1\13.Brown eys.flac
5aff858477eff5f60c0856d2c5daa268 *CD 1\CD 1.ffp
b5734484ce96013a49ea9670d4012a8f *CD 2\14.World turning.flac
652da009ee7ad28ce2fcce60ea18499d *CD 2\15.Little lies.flac
3ef8fa43a336f8d90e5689d64dc93880 *CD 2\16.Stand back (short break in the song, removed traffic news).flac
3d78c5e808b6770ef3ab4bdcc9f76dd8 *CD 2\17.You make loving fun.flac
ba58da548228c07ca8e5b05ef224bba8 *CD 2\18.Go your own way.flac
4385838d5134406cf1a9b744966e98de *CD 2\19.Encore break.flac
133a3c840fe4eaed6ba64eeb8874af6a *CD 2\20.Blue letter.flac
1acbe4ff0c26bde131ea0c0d7b7bc508 *CD 2\21.Don´t stop.flac
ea4e8f5fd6e69a5c8513dfd45368e70e *CD 2\CD 2.ffp
3ca3e6538c578fd8558876df83155f74 *Fleetwood Mac - 1988.06.05, Open Air Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany, .txt


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