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Led Zeppelin - 1969-03-14 Konserthuset,Stockholm,Sweden (TDOLZ)(SB)(flac)


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Trivolis Koncertsal
Bath Festival
Clearwell Castle


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Track Listing:
Live In Copenhagen 03/16/1969 From The Master Reel To Reel
01. I Can't Quit You
02. I Gotta Move
03. Dazed And Confused
04. How Many More Times

Live In Bath Festival Shepton Mallet England 06/28/1970
Taken From The Legendary Analogue Label On KRISHNA Label
05. Heartbreaker
06. That's The Way

Clearwater Castle Forest Of Dean Wales 05/1978
07. Fire
08. Carouselambra
09. Carouselambra
10. Carouselambra

[From Underground Uprising]
Missing Links (TDOLZ Vol. 81) Copenhagen 1969 / June 28, 1970 Bath / Festival/Clearwell Castle 1978

CD: (51:08) I Can't Quit You, I Gotta Move, Dazed And Confused, How Many More Times (beginning only), Heartbreaker,
That's The Way, Fire, Carouselambra, Carouselambra, Carouselambra

An interesting compilation of material presented in amazing quality from TDOLZ - the best available versions thus far. 
The first four tracks from Stockholm were recorded from the soundboard on March 14, 1969 (the exact date may still be
in dispute).

As the CD back cover claims, this Stockholm material was "Taken From The Master Reel To Reel".  Statements like that
are always questionable, but there's no doubt this is a clean and near excellent recording.  This material has also
been available on Tarantura's "Kicks" - which used to be the best available version of this show - but as hinted at
earlier, this release on TDOLZ is a major upgrade from the Tarantura title.

Two tracks from the groundbreaking show at the Bath Festival on June 28, 1970 are presented in what TDOLZ says is
"Taken From The Legendary Analogue LP On KRISHNA Label". This entire show is available on many different titles, but
the sound quality has always been regarded as very poor to fair, at best. These two tracks do provide a significantly
cleaner but still slightly distorted sound from the SAME source tape used, for example, on the 2CD title "Bath 1970"
from Le-Mon Recordings. Some claim this is recorded off the soundboard.

"Missing Links" on TDOLZ is presented in very nice packaging - typical of TDOLZ. The unique cover has also been seen
as the Turkish LP cover for Led Zeppelin II. Definitely a very good release by any standard, and highly recommended to
the collector who already has almost everything.

(Scott Davis Feb 1999)


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