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Neil Young 1976-03-23 Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France

Neil Young
03-23-1976, Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France
w/ Crazy Horse

Disk 1
1. Tell Me Why
2. Cowgirl In The Sand
3. After The Goldrush
4. Mellow My Mind
5. Too Far Gone
6. A Man Needs A Maid
7. No One Seems To Know
8. Heart Of Gold

Disk 2
1. Country Home
2. Don't Cry No Tears
3. Down By The River
4. Lotta Love
5. Like A Hurricane
6. The Losing End
7. Drive Back
8. Southern Man
9. Cortez The Killer
10. Cinnamon Girl

Tour : 1976 Tour Of Japan & Europe with Crazy Horse
Band : Crazy Horse, Line Up 3
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, banjo, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

Source: Audience Master > unspecified DAT generations > DAT
Transfer: DAT > R500 > MBox > ProTools > xACT1.5b3 > flac(8)

Here's one of the better early '76 recordings which I haven't seen
torrented recently. Although I received it in the 90's labeled as a DAT
copy from the master, I'm not sure about that. There may be an analog
generation in there somewhere.  You'll notice the sound quality change
between Cortez and Cinnamon Girl like two seperate tapes were used. I
also had to clean up some diginoise during about 5 seconds of The Losing
End using an unspecified generation CDR of the same recording. The patch
sounds no worse than any of the other little sound flucuations in the
recording. In spite of all of that, this is the best copy of this show
that I've heard and I think you will like it. Like most of the '76
shows, there's great guitar work by Neil, especially near the end of
Southern Man.

ShowId 17034


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