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Black Sabbath 1974-02-11 International Amphitheater, Chicago, Il.

BLACK SABBATH - "Love In Chicago"

DATE : February 11th, 1974

VENUE : International Amphitheater, Chicago,  Il.

RUNTIME: 75:30
This is an upgrade from this torrent, which had two defective tracks, and this torrent which is now
lossy as it was from a cassette of a copy of this LP.

This is a direct transfer from vinyl. The original tape used to make the vinyl boot has not surfaced
as of this writing so all copies come from vinyl source. The LP I used is a first press on Berkeley
Records which is believed to be the very first vinyl issue of this concert. I will post scans of the cover
in the comments in the event someone would like to make some artwork for this.

This was a bit of a job to transfer. The 37 year old boot LP was clean but there were spots of
surface noise and crackling, along with many random ticks and pops common to 70's boot vinyl. 
Before playing each side, I cleaned it thoroughly by hand using soft cloths and
distilled water. I increased the stylus weight to 2.5 grams (except for one spot in KYTL where I
had to lighten it so it would play through a skip) and I kept the surface of the record wet
while it played, as this helps work loose a lot of the gunk you find in vinyl grooves and helps
cut down surface noise and crackle.

I have not applied any electronic equalization or noise reduction to this torrent. I did manually edit
a number of loud pops from various songs but I did not run any vinyl "restoration" programs on any
of these tracks. My goal was to present it in it's most unadulterated form. If someone wants
to "remaster" using these tracks, be my guest.

As in my previous version, I have placed "War Pigs" after "Snowblind" which is most likely where
it appeared in the original set. The original vinyl bootleggers obviously moved a few songs around to
fit the time limitations of LP sides. I compaired with other sets from this tour and that seems to be it's
logical placement. I was careful to watch the turntable speed for correct pitch as my previous
torrent seemed to run a little fast in spots.  

Until the original tape for this show surfaces, this is about as lossless as it gets.


01) Tomorrow's Dream
02) Sweet Leaf
03) Killing Yourself to Live
04) Snowblind
05) War Pigs
06) Sabbra Cadabra w/Guitar Solo & Jams
07) Sometimes I'm Happy
08) Drum Solo
09) Supernaut
10) Iron Man
11) Guitar Solo Including Don't Start (Too Late)
12) Black Sabbath
13) Sabbra Cadabra (reprise)
14) Embryo/Children of the Grave
15) Paranoid

LINEAGE: "Love In Chicago" Bootleg LP on Berkeley Records > Technics turnable and receiver > computer hard drive > Sound Forge for capture, track splitting and editing > flac > TLH Fix SBE(s) > flac

The original set of flac files had sectory boundary errors (SBE), so I fixed them with Trader's Little Helper. LP cover scans and artwork for cd covers included.


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