Friday, March 17, 2017

Led Zeppelin 1970-09-04 LA Forum Los Angeles, CA

Led Zeppelin
September 4th 1970
LA Forum

"Individually and Collectively, Led Zeppelin" - a slumpymatrix Production

Source 1 - Blueberry Hill [Genuine Masters]
Source 2 - Blueberry Hill [5th source]
Source 3 - Blueberry Hill [Rubber Dubber] - patches only

01 Intro
02 Immigrant Song
03 Heartbreaker
04 Dazed And Confused
05 Bring It On Home
06 That's The Way
07 Bron-Yr-Aur
08 Since I've Been Loving You
09 Organ Solo > Thank You

10 What Is And What Should Never Be
11 Moby Dick
12 Whole Lotta Love
- Boogie Chillun'
- I'm Movin' On
- Some Other Guy
- Think It Over
- Honey Bee
- The Lemon Song
13 Communication Breakdown
- Good Times Bad Times
- For What It's Worth
- I Saw Her Standing There
14 Out On The Tiles
15 Blueberry Hill

When I first played at matrixing That's The Way, just for fun, I was amazed how good
it sounded, and had to seriously consider what I was about to do before I went any
further. This is Blueberry Hill, after all, not just another 77 show, and two audience
sources to slip together, a bit of a daunting task. But every time I played That's The
Way it just convinced me that a good matrix could be made from these two sources, and I honestly think I did this amazing show justice. It was a real pleasure to work on,
the sound of the two sources combined to produce something very enjoyable by
comparison, totally different from either of them, but I will leave it to others to comment.

I am certainly going to avoid the minefield of the various sources but the two [or more]
 tapers used on the two main sources sat very close together, and at times the two sources sounded almost identical. There are also numerous cuts in both.

Thanks to Black Dog for letting me use the GM source.

slumpy 2006.


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