Saturday, August 5, 2017

Alison Krauss & Union Station 1989-01-28 Birchmere Alexandria, VA(SBD)

Alison Krauss & Union Station
1-28-89 Birchmere, Alexandria, VA
(analog 4th gen soundboard so there is a little hiss but still a great sounding show)-

**this is the remaster of the above lineage with the hiss reduced and many artifacts repaired

Editing and Remastering by Jamie Waddell
44.1k tracked source from Wharfrat73 deemed too hissy to seed.

editing notes-
tracks merged with Wavemerge
All Edits Done in Wavelab 6.0
Many multiple zippers, dropouts and digital artifacts repaired and restored throughtout the entire performance.
Waves X-noise, BBE, L3 type 2 dither ultra shaping; tracks cuts in  wavelab at similar points to the original.  SBE FREE  a **GEMS**   November 2006production
CD 1
1. Two Highways
2. Wild Bill Jones
3. Tear Drops Kiss The Morning Dew
4. Beaumont Rag
5. Livin' In The Name Of Love
6. Going Going Gone
7. Message To The Other Side
8. Little Rabbit
9. There's No Place To Hide
10. Too Late To Cry
11. Gentle River
12. Shoppin' For Love
13. Midnight Rider

CD 2
1. Sally Goodin
2. No One There But You
3. If Only I Could Count On You
4. Will You Be Leavin'
5. Cry Cry Darlin'
6. Get You Off My Mind
7. The Rovin Gambler
8. I'm Alone Again
9. Wheel Hoss
10. Knee Patches
11. Windy City Rag
12. Don't Follow Me
13. I Will
14. Sweet Georgia Brown
15. Too Late To Walk


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