Sunday, May 14, 2017

#SAB 014 The Hollywood Affair

Hollywood Affair, The

1 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 014
Disc Length : 72:28
Source : Studio
Sound Quality : EX+
Year Of Release : 1996


Kim Basinger Outtakes

1. Come On   2. My Love Will Find U   3. I Wanna   4. 2 Naughty   5. Love At First Sight   6. Show Me   7. Action, Action   8. Color Of Sex   9. Will U Stay With Me

P Outtakes

10. Soul Psychodelicide (Fuzz Tone Mix)   11. Soul Psychodelicide (Kim's Mix)   12. Batdance (Extended)   13. Soul Psychodelicide (Re-Recorded Version)


This release comes with the description of being 'The Lost Kim Basinger Album' and all tracks listed are credited to P on the sleeve. I am highly sceptical of P's involvement in any of the opening 9 songs. P undoubtedly worked on tracks with Kim Basinger when they were dating, however the bland, uninteresting songs here are surely NOT the results of their recording time together. The songs are dated, very unprofessional and lack any hooks. The addition of 3 remixes of Soul Psychodelicide make this release a little more interesting and enjoyable - however even they cannot rescue this terrible release.


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