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Neil Young 1973-01-14 War Memorial Auditorium Buffalo, New York

Neil Young & The Stray Gators
War Memorial Auditorium
Buffalo, New York
January 14, 1973
(1st Generation > CDR)

Transfers: 1st Gen Tape > 1980’s CDR Trade > xACT 2.37 (secure rip) > Peak Pro XT (pitch adjusted) > Izotope/Ozone 5 (mastered) > Peak Pro XT (post production) > xACT 2.37 > FLAC

01 Dance Dance Dance
02 Tell Me Why
03 LA
04 Journey Through The Past
05 Borrowed Tune
06 Out On The Weekend
07 Harvest
08 Old Man
09 Heart Of Gold
10 Come Along And Say You Will
11 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
12 Time Fades Away
13 New Mama
14 Alabama
15 Last Dance
16 Don't Be Denied
17 Cinnamon Girl
18 Lookout Joe
19 Southern Man
20 Are You Ready For The Country?
Bonus Track: 01 Dance Dance Dance w/Taper Comments

Known Faults:

In the early 1980’s a long time trading partner sent me a CDR copy of Neil’s Buffalo ’73 show from raw transfer directly from his first generation tapes as two un-mastered and un-edited tracks. I’ve listened to this show more times than I could possibly recall over the years and it has always been in the back of my mind to give it the deluxe treatment for release.

There is a very good second generation copy currently in general circulation. So, my challenge became how do I take an already very good capture of one of my favorite shows and take it to another level from this 1st generation copy.

Through modern technology and guidance from my partner at JEMS I am now able to seamlessly remove most offending noises without damaging the underlying music.

Using this technology, I have taken out close to 100 offending noises including whistles, coughs, mic bumps, close up audience chatter & laughter, chair creaks and noises that have no known origin. This is not a treatment I would give to very many shows or would recommend doing as it is a very manual process and losing ones mind is a distinct possibility but for this show, I think every second is worth it. It is not possible to take out every offending noise, if the offending frequency is too intertwined with the music to be extracted without damaging the music then it was not processed. The majority of the extractions occur during the acoustic portion of the show. It's a painstaking task and I hope you all agree it was worth the effort.

In addition, the usual mastering details that go into all my shares have been employed ensuring the best possible release from this 1st generation source.

Compared to the circulating version, this share includes more audience at the beginning with some up close taper comments as he gets set up and some extra Neil dialogue not found on the other releases. A simple jump cut to remove the taper comments did not work as Neil’s dialogue runs up against the taper’s to create a seamless edit. I was able to remove the taper dialogue at the start using the technology mentioned above targeted at only his voices frequency. For the purists out there I have included, as a bonus track, the first track with the tapers comments intact.

This is hands down one of my favorite Neil shows of all-time and one of the better captures of the first leg on the 1973 tour. I'm hopeful with this new deluxe treated addition you feel the same and enjoy it as much as I have over the decades.

Big thanks to BK from JEMS for the guidance and tutorials.



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