Saturday, June 24, 2017

Van Halen 1982-07-17 Coliseum Charlotte, NC

Van Halen
Charlotte, NC
July 17, 1982


Quality B+

 Romeo Delight
 Drum Solo
 Dance the Night Away
 Running With the Devil
 Where Have all the Good Times Gone
 Hang em High
 Little Guitars
 Bass Solo
 Jamie's Crying
 Ice Cream Man
 Somebody Get Me a Doctor
 Everybody Wants Some
 Pretty Woman
 Guitar Solo
 Bottoms Up
 Aint Talkin Bout Love
 The Full Bug
 You Really Got Me
 Happy Trails

Notes: loucap81 found the master for this show and was nice enough to send it to me. VH early in the Diver Down, or "Hide Your Sheep," tour as it was known. VH was at a breakneck pace at this point, following the "album and tour every year" plan. These days bands tour of an album for years and years, but not in the 70s or early 80s. A year to the day before this show, they played Madison Square Garden. Within the year they continued to tour off the Fair Warning album into the fall, then went back into the studio, whipped out Diver Down, then hit the road again. Here they are early in the tour in Charlotte, with an early vesion of the tour setlist. It would change a little as the tour continued. Good quality for the time, enjoy!


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