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David Bowie 1973-03-10 Long Beach Arena Long Beach Ca

David Bowie
Long Beach Arena
Long Beach California
March 10 1973 REMASTERED & RAW Versions
Kut Korners 006 AUD VG+

Contrast Clause: This is an original torrent and any other torrents sharing this date are not from this source.

Lineage: Vinyl LP's "All American Bowie" & "My Radio Sweetheart Dual CS 627 Q Turntable-->Luxman L-5 Amp-->Wavelab 5-->Traders Little Helper--> Flac(level.8)

This parial show is compiled from 2 lps of various quality. Another torrent I saw of this show had complaints about a skip in Ziggy Stardust and various speed problems. Rock N Roll Suicide on the other torrent was said to be from another show.This transfer has none of the above, though there is a squeal sound in ZS. I do not know the reasoning behind the packaging of these lps. Most of My Radio Sweetheart is from a Sound of The Seventies broadcast with the exception of the 3 tracks plus Ode To Joy from LB. The sound is different between the 2 sources

Flaws of All American Bowie
1. running order of tracks all over the map
2. fade ins
3. various sound quality
4. Aladin Sane picks up on Garsons solo

Flaws of My Radio Sweetheart
1. Speed problem
2. A lot of high end, bad eq job

I did what I could to make it sound like a flowing show. Though the set list is probably not in order, it is presented this way without having to switch back and forth between sources as much.There is a lot of hiss on these sources, but I know not to over do it with the denoiser, so you will still here some on the remaster. I also carefully declicked these lp's, but there was few pops and clicks to begin with. I cleaned them using a VPI cleaning machine.Level adjustments were made, without compression, and very little eq was used.

The raw version was also declicked, but I included it because some prefer no denoising, and I can understand that so listen to both and decide for yourself. If somebody wants to work harder on the raw version, go for it, or better yet lets hear the original tapes.

Performance is fantastic. Rono as usual is on fire and Garson's solo in Aladin Sane is insane.Well worth the download.

Scans of the lps are included

Tracklisting: *from My Radio Sweetheart
01 Intro
02 Hang On To Yourself
03 Ziggy Stardust
04 Changes
05 Moonage Daydream
06 Watch That Man
07 Panic In Detroit
08 Five Years
09 Aladin Sane (comes in on Garson's solo)
10 My Death
11 Width Of A Circle
12 Time
13 Suffragette City
 Raw Version


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