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-The Replacements 1989-04-14 Center Stage Atlanta, GA

Center Stage
Atlanta, GA
April 14, 1989

1/ intro
2/ Color Me Impressed
3/ Talent Show
4/ Anywhere Is Better Than Here
5/ Favorite Thing
6/ Back To Back
7/ Achin’ To Be
8/ I Wanna Destroy You
9/ The Ledge
10/ Darlin’ One
11/ I Will Dare
12/ Waitress In The Sky
13/ Nightclub Jitters
14/ Cruella DeVille,
15/ Asking Me Lies
16/ Little Mascara
17/ I Won’t
18/ Another Girl, Another Planet
19/ Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
20/ Can’t Hardly Wait
21/ Valentine
22/ Left Of The Dial
23/ Alex Chilton
24/ Never Mind
25/ IOU
26/ Bastards Of Young

Source: Analog Audience Recording
Lineage: AN Master> 1st generation Cassette (Stonecutter copy)> Philips 765 CDR> single track cdr> ACL (normalization, tracking)> wav> TLH> flac






Saturday, November 28, 2020

Eric Clapton1974-07-02 International Ampitheatre Chicago, IL (FAP-012/013)

Eric Clapton - God Was Here

Disc 1:International Ampitheatre
Chicago, IL.
July 2, 1974

Disc 2, Tracks 1-6:
Congress Centrum
Hamburg, Germany
November 26, 1974

Disc 2 Track 7:
The Coliseum
June 19, 1975

Further Along - FAP-012/013

Disc 1:
1. Smile
2. Let It Grow
3. Can't Find My Way Home
4. Blues Power
5. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
6. Tell The Truth
7.Willie And The Hand Jive >>>
Get Ready
8. Let It Rain
9. Key To The Highway
10. Presence Of The Lord

Disc 2:
1. I Shot The Sheriff
2. Little Rachael
3. Let It Grow
4. Get Ready
5. Badge
6. Layla
7. Eyesight to the Blind >>>
Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad? with Carlos Santana

The Band:
Eric Clapton   guitar, vocals
Jamie Oldaker   drums
Dick Sims   keyboards
Carl Radle   bass
George Terry   guitar
Yvonne Elliman   backing vocals
Marcy Levy  backing vocals (disc 2)

Artwork included.
md5 included.
Soundboard>?>cdr>EAC>Flac frontend 6

Rating (scale 1-6)  SBD 5

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Eric Clapton 1974-06-28 Yale Bowl, New Haven, CT

Eric Clapton
Yale Bowl, New Haven USA

Audience recording
Lineage unknown

Disc 1:

Let it Rain
Blues Power
Have You Ever Loved a Woman
Little Queenie
Willie and the Hand Jive / Get Ready

Disc 2:

Little Wing
Mainline Florida
Key to the Highway
Can't Find My Way Home
Presence of the Lord





Monday, November 23, 2020

Eric Clapton 1974-06-20 KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

 Eric Clapton
Title: Warm Up 1974
Dates: June 20, 1974
Venue: KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Source: Aud 2+ Recording        
Lineage: ECDR 741/742 Boot 2CD-R > EAC > FLAC

01: Tell The Truth
02: Key To The Highway
03: Layla
04: Easy Now
05: Let It Grow
06: Blues Power
07: Have You Ever Loved A Woman
08: Badge

01: Little Wing
02: Willie And The Hand Jive ~ Get Ready
03: Let It Rain
04: Can't Find My Way Home
05: Little Queenie ~ Matchbox
06: Crossroads ~ Steady Rollin Man

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
George Terry: Guitar
Dick Sims: Keyboards
Jamie Oldaker: Drums
Carl Radle: Bass            
Yvonne Elliman: Backing Vocals                                                                                                          by: japrainbow 



Eric Clapton 1974-06-00 "Midnight Rehearsals" Barbados,

 Eric Clapton
"Midnight Rehearsals"
Barbados, June 1974

Geetarz #220 - CD-R1 - Aud 4


Track List:
1) I Shot the Sheriff
2) Badge
3) Why Does Love Got to Be so Sad?
4) Let it Grow
5) Little Queenie
6) Nobody Knows You (When You're Down and Out)

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton    Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Oldaker    Drums
Dick Sims    Keyboards
Carl Radle    Bass
George Terry    Guitar
Yvonne Elliman    Backing Vocals

Geetarz Comments:

1974 Tour rehearsals, very loose and a fun listen.

This was apparently recorded in the control room, and one can hear all the in between song patter as well as rehearsals, which lends a very different perspective than the edited soundboard rehearsal tapes available.

I received this on DAT some time ago and have no other lineage in terms of microphones and/or taping equipment. People familiar with "The Oldaker Tapes" know what this is and where it is from.

The lineage following my acquisition was: DAT > Tascam DA20Mk2 > (direct digital transfer, no PC) HHb CDR800 > Mitsui Gold CD-R > Plextor PX-712a > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 4 (Secure Mode) > FLAC > You!!!

This is certainly an interesting recording and I'm not so sure it's made its way into many collections, so I'm pleased to offer it here.

Remember, kids: Share freely, play it loud, and enjoy!

Info file, checksums (FFP, MD5, and ST5), and EAC Logs included. Please note, a "whole-torrent" MD5 is also included, which will verify that all the contents remain unchanged.

Reseeds are welcome, and encouraged - share the tunes!

Torrenting Supervision and Moral Support by Cody the Codependent Husky.


Geetarz, August 2009

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Eric Clapton Smile 1974 (ZigZag boxset)

Eric Clapton
Smile 1974 (ZigZag boxset)
Music Park, Columbus, Ohio - July 4, 1974
Forum, Montreal, Canada - July 9, 1974
Coliseum, Denver, Co. - July 24, 1974
ZigZag 6CD 1/2/3/4/5/6

Disc 1: Music Park, Columbus, Ohio - July 4, 1974

1. San Francisco Bay Blues (sound distorted)
2. Easy Now
3. Smile
4. Let it Grow
5. Can't Find My Way Home
6. Introduction
7. Key to the Highway
8. Willie and the Hand Jive
9. Get Ready
10. Little Wing

Disc 2: Music Park, Columbus, Ohio - July 4, 1974

1. Mainline Florida
2. Layla
3. Presence of the Lord
4. Badge
5. Little Queenie
6. Crossroads

Disc 3: Forum, Montreal, Canada - July 9, 1974

1. Smile
2. Easy Now
3. Let it Grow
4. Layla
5. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
6. Let it Rain
7. Willie and the Hand Jive / Get Ready

Disc 4: Forum, Montreal, Canada - July 9, 1974

1. Presence of the Lord
2. Badge
3. Steady Rolling Man / Crossroads (incomplete)
4. Mean Old World
5. Little Wing
6. Little Queenie
7. Blues Power (incomplete)

Disc 5: Coliseum, Denver, Co. - July 24, 1974

1. Smile
2. Easy Now
3. I Shot the Sheriff
4. Let it Rain
5. Willie and the Hand Jive / Get Ready
6. Badge
7. Presence of the Lord
8. Tell the Truth
9. Mainline Florida
10. Mean Old World

Disc 6: Coliseum, Denver, Co. - July 24, 1974

1. Blues Power
2. Steady Rolling Man / Crossroads
3. Layla
4. Little Queenie (incomplete)

Band Lineup
Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Oldaker - Drums
Dick Sims - Keyboards
Carl Radle - Bass
George Terry - Guitar
Yvonne Elliman - Backing Vocals

Soundboard>?>silver>archival gold CD>EAC>Flac Frontend 6>you

My rating: Soundboard 5 (1-6)

Artwork included

EAC extraction log and MD5 included for each disc, MD5 included for entire torrent also.

Note regarding the Columbus, Ohio  (July 4, 1974) show from Tourography:
"Eric started - as a warm up - with San Francisco Bay Blues solo!! He said something like: "We're tuning, actually ain't singing, we're tuning, depending on what key we're playing in", and then he started on the SF Bay Blues for one minute, ended with "Let's be serious - good evening" and started on Easy Now, all acoustic."

A special thank you to the very generous friend who shared his silvers with me and now you.

Enjoy and share the music!

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Eric Clapton 1974-00-00 "The Unreleased Sessions" Criteria Studios, Miami, FL (Capricorn Records - CR-2048)


Eric Clapton
"The Unreleased Sessions"

Capricorn Records - CR-2048 - sb6

Track List:
1) It's too Late
2) Meet Me
3) Jam in E
4) Dobro Jam
5) Dobro Jam
6) B Minor Jam
7) B Minor Jam
8) Give Me Strength
9) Blues Instrumental
10) Jam in E
11) Give Me Strength
12) Jam
13) Fool Like Me
14) Burial

Geetarz Notes: Tracks 1-12 Recorded at Criteria Studios, Miami, Florida, USA in April and May 1974. Tracks 13 and 14 Recorded at Dynamic Studios, Jamaica, on September 1974. visitor comments: Visitor Comments:

    * "Great sounding CD with some interesting Dobro work from Eric. All A++ sound." - Anonymous

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